Belknap Hot Springs Lodge & Gardens – Cascades

Belknap Hot Springs

Belknap Hot Springs

Belknap Hot Springs

Belknap Hot Springs

Belknap Hot Springs

Belknap Hot Springs Lodge & Gardens are located on the bank of the McKenzie River, 58 miles east of Eugene, in the Willamette National Forest.

Belknap Hot Springs was discovered in 1854 by European explorers. In 1869 Rollin S. Belknap claimed springs for a commercial use. He began developing a spa resort in the 1870s and opened it to the public in 1874. Over time, the Belknap Hot Springs frequently changed owners, and each owner made a great impact on the hot springs resort development and improvement.

Belknap Hot Springs Features

Belknap Hot Springs Lodge & Gardens have spectacular unique gardens including Secret Garden and two concrete pools with mineral water. Mineral water runs out of springs across the McKenzie River at near boiling point 196°F (91°C) and piped into a reservoir. Heat and hot water are used for the lodge and the RV park. After the mineral water cooled down, it piped into the pools. The water in swimming pools is kept at 92°F (33°C) in the summer and 102°F (39°C) in the wintertime.

The lower pool is available to the public daily between 9 am and 9 pm. As a result of the interest in this location and the number of visitors, fees are set at $7 per hour, or you can also pay a lot more appealing fee of $13 for a whole day access.

You don't need to be worried about where you will stay once you visit Belknap Hot Springs because cabins, lodge rooms, and RV sites are available. The nice upper pool is reserved mainly for people who stay overnight and is open until 10 pm.
Check the Belknap Hot Springs website for a reservation and prices.

General Description

Access: 365 days a year, the lower pool is opened from 9 am to 9 pm; upper pool (overnight guests only) from 9 am to 10 pm
Development: Resort, two outdoor pools, gardens
Clothing: Required
Service: Changing room, restrooms
Accommodations: Lodge, guest cabins, tent and RV sites
Distance from the parking: Short
Day-use fees: $13 per a person (day use), $7 per a person (hour use)
Elevation: 1700 ft (518 m)
GPS coordinates: 44.1927698,-122.0504874

Belknap Hot Springs are located:

  • 58 miles east of Eugene
  • 105 miles southeast of Salem
  • 151 miles southeast of Portland.

Address: 59296 Belknap Hot Springs Rd, McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413
Phone: (541) 822-3512

Water Properties & Geochemistry

Water T°: 92°F (33°C) - 102°F (39°C)
Water acidity level: Neutral (pH=7.62)
Type of the springs: Sodium Chloride
Chemical used: Water is treated with chlorine

Average dissolved solids: 2650 Mg/L

Mineral Content:

Chloride - 1300 Mg/L
Sodium - 690 Mg/L
Calcium - 210 Mg/L
Sulfur - 170 Mg/L
Silica - 96 Mg/L
Bromine - 33 Mg/L
Carbonate - 19 Mg/L
Potassium - 15 Mg/L
Boron - 6.4 Mg/L
Fluorine - 1.2 Mg/L
Lithium - 0.95 Mg/L
Magnesium - 0.2 Mg/L

Directions to Belknap Hot Springs

From I-5 take exit 194A in Eugene. Follow Highway 126 east for about 55 miles to the Belknap Springs Road. Turn left and continue to the Belknap Hot Springs Resort.

Lauren S. Forcella. "Geochemistry of Thermal and Mineral Waters in the Cascade Mountains of Western North America". 1981

Weather Forecast

Winter Storm Warning

2:19 PM PST on February 24, 2018
10:00 PM PST on February 25, 2018
02/24 90%
High 48° / Low 34°
02/25 100%
High 35° / Low 28°
Partly Cloudy
02/26 20%
Partly Cloudy
High 41° / Low 20°
02/27 50%
High 42° / Low 35°
02/28 90%
High 42° / Low 34°

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