Snively Hot Springs – Eastern Oregon

Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs

Snively Hot Springs

Most of the hot springs in Oregon that attract media and tourist attention are in the developed sections of the state. As hot springs become main attraction destinations within and without the US, these regions are now gradually becoming over-commercialized. However, deep in the depths of eastern Oregon, in a relatively undeveloped terrain that boasts of all that is natural and predestined, are Snively Hot Springs. The high desert canyon is abbreviated by an attractive set of hot springs alien to modernity, but still progressively refined for an attraction site. In most cases, the absence of snow in the desert environment, the abundance of assorted birds species, the expansive splash of the novel green grass, and the warm embrace of hot springs is the very essence of the springs.

Lying about 14.6 miles southwest of Nyssa, the path to Snively Hot Springs can be termed as semi-primitive, but in a way that makes camping refining and exclusively civilized. Driving to Snively Hot Springs is in itself a wonderful experience, as you navigate through a maze of roads that are not yet in the main grid, transverse through Parma road, take the Adel Road, and finally turn into the Owyhee Canyon road. Encores the drive, you will have moments to enjoy the Deer Butte Hot Springs which is only an approximation of the intensity of senility at Snively Hot Springs. The Lake Owyhee State Park nearby only asserts this notion of a separated camping site across the hot springs. The springs are readily accessible throughout the year, although the pools may submerge during the spring runoff leading to temporary closure, particularly in the high Trout season.

Just before and after the spring season, Snively provides a matrix of lush colors from the horizon, extremely comfortable temperatures, and the main course of a hot spring. Most of the experts and reviewers of hot springs in Oregon have progressively given to Snively Hot Springs the highest rate because beneath the outward appearance of economic underdevelopment, is the very essence of an unforgettable hot spring, and one whose experiences are indeed, irreplaceable.


General Description

Access: 365 days/day-use
Development: Undeveloped
Clothing: Optional
Service: Pit toilet
Accommodations: No camping or fire are allowed within 30 feet of the hot springs
Walking distance from the parking: Short
Day-use fees: None
Elevation: 2400 ft (732 m)
GPS coordinates: 43.730, -117.2031
Snively Hot Springs are located:

  • 31 miles southwest of Ontario
  • 138 miles east of Burns
  • 268 miles east of Bend
  • 403 miles southeast of Portland

Water Properties

Mineral water of Snively Hot Springs belongs to Sodium Chloride type.

Water T° (pool): 90°F (32°C) - 120°F (49°C)
Water T° (source): 134°F (57°C)
Water acidity level: Weak acidic (pH=6)
Type of the springs: Sodium and calcium chloride sulfate
Chemical used: None

Directions to Snively Hot Springs

From Ontario, drive toward E Idaho Ave, take I-84 E and continue for 4 miles toward Boise. Take exit 3 for US-95, turn right onto US-95 S, and follow 7.2 miles to US-20/US-26. Turn right onto US-20 W/US-26 W and continue 2.4 miles to OR-201 S. Turn left onto OR-201 S toward Lake Owyhee and continue for about 8 miles to Owyhee Ave. Turn right onto Owyhee Ave and drive 4 miles to Owyhee Lake Rd, then turn left and continue on Owyhee Lake Rd 6.5 miles to the destination on the left.

Weather Forecast

Partly Cloudy
11/22 20%
Partly Cloudy
High 58° / Low 45°
Chance of Rain
11/23 40%
Chance of Rain
High 58° / Low 37°
11/24 10%
High 52° / Low 34°
Chance of Rain
11/25 40%
Chance of Rain
High 48° / Low 42°
Partly Cloudy
11/26 20%
Partly Cloudy
High 59° / Low 37°

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