Oregon is known for its extremely diverse ecosystems and landscapes. Rugged Pacific Coast turns into a forested Coast Range. Willamette Valley with its fertile soil and Mediterranean climate is separated from the Eastern Oregon by the Cascade Mountains. Eastern Oregon is mostly a high desert with a dry continental climate. It features hot summers, snowy winters, and 350 days of sun in a year.

The state of Oregon with a very limited sign of human involvement with its diverse terrains and climates let outdoor enthusiasts enjoy a plethora of activities all year long. Whether it is hiking, biking, fishing, rockhounding, or taking refreshing dips in a natural swimming hole and bathing in mineral hot springs, there is something for everyone!

Our goal is to provide interesting and useful information about a variety of outdoor activities, events, and places you might like to visit. We want to inspire outdoor enthusiasts to explore and discover new things, try new activities, and put in effort to protect our beautiful state for the future generations.

We truly believe it is our duty to preserve our nature. Despite technological advancements, space discovery, and global computerization, we as humans are still a part of nature and we can’t exist without it.

Everyone can do something, even if it appears small at first. You can simply pack garbage left by others to keep our parks clean. You can donate a few dollars to any of the funds preserving our environment. You can educate others and be vigilant about individuals dumping garbage in our forests, starting fire where it is prohibited and creating wildfires and participating in other activities harmful to our nature. Every little bit counts, because otherwise if we will not take care of our nature today, we might not have it tomorrow.