Best Swimming Holes in Oregon


As the summer heat has begun its descent upon those of us living in the State of Oregon, we are all looking for ways to cool down and beat the summer heat. Among the best ways to accomplish this aim and still have an immense amount of fun with family and friends is outdoor recreational swimming in the best swimming holes of Oregon.

From majestic waterfalls and natural water slides to bubbling river fronts, from serene lakes to bustling water reservoirs, Oregon boasts of various stunning waterfronts ideal for whatever your heart desires, wholehearted summer fun or a relaxing day out.

Each of the swimming holes mentioned here is known for their pristine clear emerald waters, breathtakingly scenic views, serene rejuvenating environments and a healthy dose of pure unadulterated fun. Each of these marvels of nature promises to engage all your senses; from the pebbles, you walk on to the glisten of the water as the sun strikes its surface, from the cool water enveloping your skin to the gentle roar of the gushing water.

As you search for the perfect summer outing for your family or the ideal fun filled summer bash with your friends, there is not a shadow of a doubt that one of these 50+ outdoor swimming spots will prove to be perfect! Enjoy!

Precautions & Warning

As exhilarating as reckless fun can be in these hot summer months, swimming holes, and the associated cliff jumping, can prove to be exceptionally dangerous. Areas that are known specifically for jumping can pose significant risks depending on the weather and climatic conditions. Variations in water levels, rocks that are not immediately visible or even shift in river bottoms due to strong currents can all lead to undesirable consequences. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to develop an understanding of current conditions and all associated risks and concerns. Make safe decisions!

All in all, swimming holes in and around Oregon are most definitely a summer hotspot. Make it easier on local management agencies by doing your part in keeping these locations clean. Be sensitive to the small plants; be careful not to trample them. Be safe. Be responsible. Have fun!

Oregon's Swimming Holes

A guide to Oregon's natural swimming places throughout the state. Included are regional maps and data on water temperature, depth and flow, nearby campgrounds, and a rating of each "hole."

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