Dorena Covered Bridge

• Dorena Covered Bridge is the newest of all other Oregon covered bridges

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Dorena Covered Bridge is the newest of all other historic covered bridges in Oregon, just 11 miles southeast from Cottage Grove. The howe truss bridge spans Row River near Dorena Lake.

In addition to its historical significance, the surrounding area is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, picnicking, hiking, camping, nature viewing and more here.

The bridge is 105-foot (32 m) long with distinct features including a square portal and day-lighting windows. It is open to light vehicle traffic, but the road across is a dead end.

History and Fact

US Army Corps of Engineers built the Dorena Dam in 1946, creating a Dorena Lake. Lane County completed the Government Road along the river's west bank in 1949 and built the Dorena Bridge in the same year.

The bridge construction cost is $16,547 that equal to $208,097 in today's dollars.

Dorena Bridge is sometimes called Star Bridge because of the nearby Star Ranch, one of the most prominent estates in the area.

In 1974, the state of Oregon built a new concrete bridge next to Dorena Bridge to provide a more reliable crossing for heavier traffic and larger vehicles.

The 1996 Oregon Covered Bridge Program gave Lane County a $59,000 grant to reconstruct Dorena Covered Bridge and develop the immediate area. Work included the approach span replacement along with extensive repairs to the covered span and the substructure.

The repairs also included installing windows for more natural light and improving ventilation to keep the wood dry and prevent rotting.

In 2021, some additional light repairs were made, including the replacement of a few deck boards, some other minor repairs, and a fresh coat of paint.

Dorena Covered Bridge
Inside View
Dorena Covered Bridge
River View
Dorena Covered Bridge
Portal View

Dorena Covered Bridge | Facts

Architectural Bridge Design: Howe truss
Bridge access:
Light Vehicles
Row River
Bridge Length:
105 ft (32 m)

Open: Year-round

Dorena Covered Bridge is located:

  • 11 miles southeast of Cottage Grove
  • 32 miles southeast of Eugene
  • 62 miles northeast of Roseburg.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Dorena Covered Bridge

From Cottage Grove,

  • Take Whiteaker Ave East/Mosby Creek Road
  • Turn left onto Currin Con and then right onto Row River Road/Row River Cutoff Road
  • Follow Row River Road/Row River Cutoff Road for 3.4 miles
  • Continue onto Government Road/Shoreview Drive for 6.6 miles.

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