Meet people who made Oregon Discovery possible!

Vera Harp


Vera loves everything outdoorsy. From rockhounding and hiking to swimming and hot springs. Especially hot springs. Her love for our beautiful state inspired the Oregon Discovery. Every cool spot she visits, every interesting adventure she finds - she wants to share it with you!

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Andrey Karavaev

Editor-in-Chief and Lead Writer

Andrey moved to Oregon 18 years ago and immediately fell in love with the beauty of the state and the variety of adventures it has. When he is not typing his life away for your pleasure and entertainment, you can find him somewhere in nature. So he can write up on his adventure for you afterward.

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Jennifer Zima


Jennifer has lived in Oregon since she was a toddler. From hiking ancient enchanted woods to mushroom hunting for Chanterelles in secret forests, from beachcombing for agates to meditating in natural hot springs...her roots run deep into the Oregonian landscape.