Crystal Crane Hot Springs - Swimming Pond

A part of the Oregon’s identity, natural hot springs are created as the result of volcanic and hydrothermal activities. The hot springs are found in the Cascade Mountains, Southern Oregon, and the high deserts of Eastern Oregon.

Most hot springs located on BLM land or in National Forests are undeveloped and free of charge; some of the destinations charge minimal entry fees, while others have been commercialized.

There are a few commercial hot springs in Oregon from rustic to luxury. If you prefer a comfortable rustic style in the midst of nature, the best options are Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Summer Lake Hot Springs, Hunters Hot Springs, and Grande Hot Springs.

Lithia Springs Resort in Ashland is the only spa resort in Oregon offering luxury spa amenities.

The top commercial day-use hot springs are Breitenbush Hot Springs, Jackson Wellsprings, and Belknap Hot Springs.

There are day-use fees for a few semi-developed hot springs such as Bagby Hot Springs, Terwilliger Hot Springs, and Umpqua Hot Springs.

Consider visiting historic and, according to many sources, haunted locations including Hot Lake Springs and Ritter Hot Springs.

Mickey Hot Springs and Borax Lake Hot Springs in Alvord Desert are unique geothermal areas where you are not able to soak but rather to observe a unique scenic environment of the extremely hot sites.

Mineral Hot Springs Health Benefits & Risks

Hot Springs Health BenefitsRegardless of the differences, most Oregon hot springs contain over 13 different minerals: sulfur, silica, calcium, sodium, bicarbonate, boron, magnesium, selenium, potassium, bromine, fluorine, lithium, and iron. Each of these minerals can have a direct effect on our health and well-being.


Oregon Hot Springs locations are listed on the interactive Oregon Hot Springs map. Each location has a short description. Most of the hot springs locations are linked to pages with a full description, historical facts, pictures, and video.