How Oregon Discovery Was Created

The idea of Oregon Discovery was conceived back in 2005 when I first moved to the state. The expectable desire to explore my new home encountered an unexpected problem: I knew that Oregon was full of wonderful and exciting spots, but finding them was far from easy.

Of course, everyone knows Crater Lake or Multnomah Falls – those are beautiful locations. But Oregon is much more than that. Many less-known and completely unknown gems (figuratively and literally) may be right around the corner.

I learned about my very first Oregon swimming hole from a friend. Then, over the years, I discovered hundreds of new spots on my own. In 2015, after a decade of living in our beautiful state, I decided to start sharing those discoveries with you, my dear readers. That is how Oregon Discovery was born!

I would love you to have the opportunity to explore our beautiful land, discover its wonders and secrets, and develop a greater appreciation of the planet we call home.

Oregonically yours,

Vera Harp

Meet people who made Oregon Discovery possible!

Vera Harp

Founder & Content Manager

Vera HarpVera loves everything outdoorsy - from rockhounding and hiking to swimming and hot springs. Especially hot springs. Her love for our beautiful state inspired Oregon Discovery; her expertise in computer science made it possible. Every cool spot she visits and every interesting adventure she finds - she wants to share them all with you!

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Andrey Karavaev

Marketing Director and Editor-In-Chief

Andrey KaravaevAndrey moved to Oregon 18 years ago and immediately fell in love with the beauty of the state and the variety of adventures it has to offer. When he is not typing his life away for your pleasure and entertainment, you can find him somewhere in the great outdoors, taking notes so he can write up on his adventures to share with you afterward.

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Nikita Sass

Contributing Writer And Marketing Strategist

Nikita SassNikita has been an avid outdoorsman since early childhood. Born and raised in Northern Europe, he has learned proper survival techniques. Otherwise, he would have frozen to death in that Estonian forest he frequented for fun. Having survived that, all other excursions into the wilderness are a piece of cake for him. From Oregon to Southeast Asia and beyond, Nikita has many amazing adventures to share with you.

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Jennifer Zima


Jennifer Zima

Jennifer has lived in Oregon since she was a toddler. From hiking ancient enchanted woods to mushroom hunting for Chanterelles in secret forests, from beachcombing for agates to meditating in natural hot springs... her roots run deep in the Oregonian landscape. Jennifer’s eye for beauty and her masterful camera work bring you all those wonderful photos of spots we hope you will visit one day.

Christopher Klimovitz

Contributing Writer

Christopher Klimovitz

Chris works as a professor of government and international relations. He is also an American and European folklorist. His personal and professional life has taken him across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Oregon has a well-deserved special place in his heart, with all its natural wonders, unique stories, and legends.



Shadow Writer & Editor

VixenA big city dweller who enjoys resting her eyes and ears with the greenery and sounds of Oregon nature, relatively untouched by human activity. Her trusty smartphone is always on her for notes and photos. Vixen finds it particularly enjoyable when she manages to reflect the beauty of the world around us with words and images.