Best Swimming Holes near Salem

Swimming Holes near Salem

The Cascade Mountains and Willamette Valley offer a great summer swimming and diving opportunities in natural waters within reasonable proximity of one of the largest in Oregon - Salem metropolitan area.

The favorite summer destinations of the Salem residents are the Detroit Lake, North Santiam River, and Little North Fork Santiam River. There are more than 20 pools along the North Santiam, Little North Fork, and Detroit Lake area. Here you can swim, fish, picnic, hike, and camp. However, some spots are extremely popular and can be crowdy at hot summer weekends. There are less known but still amazing swimming holes you can explore in the Salem vicinity.

Before you check the list of the swimming spots that are listed below, be aware the swimming holes can be dangerous.

Because of some water located on the higher elevation and fed by water from the Cascade Mountains slopes, the swimming holes are likely going to be cold. The water level in the swimming holes changes year to year, strong currents can bring big rocks. Before you decide to jump, scout the spot and make a safe decision.

Below you will find a variety of swimming locations in the Salem vicinity.

Marion County

Linn County

Foster Lake Foster Lake – Lewis Creek Park

Sandy beach, great for families with kids, water sports. Crowded in a peak season.

Full Description | Directions

Sunnyside County ParkFoster Lake - Sunnyside County Park

Sandy beach, great for families with kids, water sports, camping, picnic sites.

Full Description | Directions

Quartzville CreekQuartzville Creek

Beautiful swimming holes along the Quartzville Creek.

Full Description | Directions

Quartzville CreekYellowbottom – Quartzville Creek

A big natural pool with emerald cold water in the beautiful scenery.

Full Description | Directions

Clackamas County

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