The breathtaking North Oregon Coast spans approximately 100 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River to Lincoln City.

Despite its relatively short length, the northern coastline boasts a remarkable variety of landscapes, including massive dunes, dense old-growth forests, expansive sandy beaches, towering sea stacks, broad gravel bars, weathered basalt cliffs, and much more.

This natural diversity offers a plethora of activities and sights to explore. Visitors can hike scenic trails, enjoy horseback riding on the beach, collect unique minerals from gravel bars, search for interesting seashells in the sand, surf, and fish in the ocean and rivers.

Cannon Beach and Seaside are among the most prominent attractions along this stretch of coast. Their easy access from Portland attracts visitors year-round, especially during the summer. In contrast, places like Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi offer a more remote experience with fewer visitors, making them ideal for those seeking solitude.

On the other hand, places like Rockaway Beach and Garibaldi are much more remote, with far fewer visitors. If you crave solitude, you can find an ideal spot here.

Visitors can also explore Indian Beach with its perfect surfing waves, walk to the unique Haystack Rock at Tolovana Beach, discover a secret cave and waterfall at Hug Point Beach, or hike in one of Oregon's most scenic coastal forests at Oswald West State Park.

In addition to the region's natural beauty, visitors can immerse themselves in its rich history. Fort Stevens, a 150-year-old military installation turned state park, offers various military-related displays and hosts Civil War Reenactment events.

Astoria, the region's first settlement, is steeped in history and offers plenty of attractions. Visitors can marvel at the longest truss bridge in North America, Astoria-Megler Bridge, and participate in the Great Columbia Crossing Event, which allows pedestrians to cross the bridge once a year.

Cape Meares Lighthouse and Tillamook Rock Lighthouse are iconic landmarks with fascinating stories and a significant impact on Oregon's maritime history.

Whether you're a solo traveler, a family, a couple on a romantic getaway, or a group on a school reunion, the North Oregon Coast has something for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Astoria & Seaside

Astoria-Megler Bridge
Megler Bridge - AstoriaHistorical Landmarks OregonPhotographing


The longest truss bridge known as "Bridge to Nowhere"...

Youngs River Falls
Youngs River FallsSwimmingHiking OregonPhotographing


A scenic forested destination near Astoria...

Peter Iredale Shipwreck
Peter Iredale ShipwreckHistorical Landmarks OregonPhotographingHiking Oregon


A landmark of the North Oregon Coast...

Seaside Beach
Seaside BeachHistorical Landmarks OregonHiking OregonFishing Oregon


A great place for numerous outdoor activities...

Indian Beach
Indian BeachSurfingHiking OregonTidepool Exploring


One of the best surfing destinations in Oregon...

Astoria Riverfront Trolley
Astoria Riverfront TrolleyHistorical Landmarks OregonPhotographing


Offers a guided hour-long tour along the waterfront...

Fort Stevens State Park
Fort Stevens State ParkHistorical Landmarks OregonHiking OregonCamping


An active military installation until 1947...

Coffenbury Lake
Coffenbury Lake FishingSwimmingFishing OregonHiking Oregon


A coastal lake offering numerous outdoor activities ...

Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse - Terrible Tilly LighthouseHistorical Landmarks OregonPhotographingHiking Oregon


A mystery piece of the Oregon Coast...

Ecola State Park
Ecola Park - Tillamook Rock LighthousePhotographingHiking OregonTidepool Exploring


Features miles of hiking trails and stunning views...

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Search homes, hotels, and other properties from Astoria to Pacific City on the North Oregon Coast.

Cannon Beach, Manzanita, Rockway Beach, & Garibaldi

Cannon Beach
Haystack Rock - Cannon Beach OregonPhotographingTidepool ExploringHiking Oregon


Features impressive Haystack Rock and sea stacks...


Arcadia Beach
Arcadia BeachTidepool ExploringHiking OregonFishing Oregon


A serene sandy beach with gorgeous rock formations...

Arch Cape Beach
Arch Cape BeachHiking OregonPhotographingAgate Hunting


A tranquil beach with a unique rock formations...

Short Sand Beach
Short Sand Beach SurfingTidepool ExploringHiking Oregon


A secluded beach hidden in a cove...

Nehalem Bay State Park
Nehalem Bay State ParkHiking OregonCamping Oregonmushrooms Oregon


A long spit between the Pacific Ocean and Nehalem Bay...

Manhattan Beach
Rockaway BeachHiking OregonFishingBiking Oregon


A broad sandy beach at Rockaway Beach...

Tolovana Beach
Tolovana Beach State Recreation SitePhotographingTidepool ExploringHiking Oregon


Gives easy access to iconic Haystack Rock...


Hug Point Beach
Hug Point - Fall Creek WaterfallTidepool ExploringHiking OregonPhotographing


A secret beach with a cave and waterfall...

Oswald West State Park
Oswald West State ParkHiking OregonPhotographingTidepool Exploring


The most scenic forest on the Oregon Coast...

Blumenthal Falls
Blumenthal Falls - Oswald West State ParkHiking OregonPhotographingTidepool Exploring


A multi-tier waterfall cascades directly into the ocean...

Manzanita Beach
Neahkahnie Beach (Manzanita Beach)PhotographingSurfingHiking Oregon


A broad beach at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain...

Manhattan Beach State Recreation Site
Nedona Beach - Manhattan Beach State Recreation SiteHiking OregonFishingPicnicking


A small coastal park at Rockaway Beach...

Rockaway Big Tree Trail
Rockaway Big Tree TrailHiking OregonWildlife ViewingPhotographing


A hiking trail to an ancient giant red cedar...

Places to Stay on the North Oregon Coast

Oceanside & Pacific City

Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint
Cape Meares LighthouseHistorical Landmarks OregonHiking OregonWildlife Viewing


Features the shortest lighthouse and unusually-shaped Octopus Tree...

Short Beach
Short Beach AgateAgate HuntingHiking OregonFishing Oregon


One of the best destinations for agate hunting...

OceansideAgate HuntingHiking OregonFishing Oregon


A beach town situated right off the Three Capes Scenic Route...

Sand Lake Recreation Area
Sand Lake Recreation AreaCamping OregonHiking OregonFishing Oregon


The area offers a plethora of outdoor activities including OHV riding...

Cape Kiwanda
Cape Kiwanda - BeachSurfingHiking OregonFishing Oregon


A must-stop location with picturesque sandstone cliffs, towering dunes, and a sandy shoreline...

Bob Straub State Park
Bob Straub State ParkSurfingHiking OregonFishing Oregon


A hidden gem, boasting a rich diversity of nature...

Neskowin Beach
Neskowin Beach Proposal RockPhotographingHiking OregonHistorical Landmarks Oregon


Features Proposal Rock and Ghost Forest...

Cape Meares Lighthouse
Cape Meares LighthouseHistorical Landmarks OregonHiking OregonWildlife Viewing


The shortest and the northernmost light station...

Tunnel Beach
Tunnel Beach Oregon CoastAgate HuntingHiking OregonWildlife Viewing


A hidden beach is accessed via a man-made tunnel...

Cape Lookout
Cape Lookout State ParkCamping OregonHiking OregonFishing Oregon


One of the most prominent headland on the Oregon Coast...

McPhillips Beach
McPhillips BeachPhotographingHiking OregonFishing Oregon


A landscape is full of rock formations sitting right on the sand...

Kiwanda Beach
Kiwanda Beach - OregonSurfingHiking OregonFishing Oregon


Features stunning sandstone cliffs and Haystack Rock...

Winema Beach
Winema Beach - Oregon CoastPhotographingHiking OregonFishing Oregon


An ideal destination for beachcombing, surf fishing, and wildlife watching...

Neskowin Ghost Forest
Neskowin Beach Ghost ForestHistorical Landmarks OregonPhotographingHiking Oregon


The ghost forest was revealed after heavy storms...

Central Oregon Coast Beaches & Landmarks

Otter Rock SurfingStretching for about 100 miles from Lincoln City to Florence and Winchester Bay, the Central Oregon Coast beaches combine incredibly diverse scenery and landscapes. 2rom basalt outcropping, tree-top cliffs, and colossal sea stacks to flat sand areas, extensive dunes, and broad gravel bars -- you can see them all here in Oregon!


South Oregon Coast Beaches & Landmarks

Otter Point & Agate Beach (Otter Point State Recreation Site)The beaches of the South Oregon Coast stretch from North Bend and Coos Bay all the way down to the California border. The South Oregon Coast is an amazing destination, full of natural beauty, breathtaking shorelines, picturesque hiking trails, and a variety of places to visit that will, no doubt, make your trip memorable.


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