Lake Creek Falls

The Eugene area that includes the Cascades, and Coast regions are popular among outdoor enthusiasts who cannot wait but take to its network of rivers, creeks, waterfalls, and man-made swimming holes. In the summer, nearly all the swimming holes near Eugene are packed with families, adventurers, and anglers, enjoying the refreshing waters.

There are ample campsites close to favorite swimming spots so that people have a chance to enjoy the great outdoors as much as they like. Besides the swimming, you can take a hike, go for a picnic or simply take a scenic drive. If you are ever in the neighborhood, it would be worth your time to visit these popular swimming holes around Eugene. Here are some of the swimming holes near Eugene.

Linn County

Quartzville CreekQuartzville Creek

Beautiful swimming holes along the Quartzville Creek.

Quartzville CreekYellowbottom – Quartzville Creek

A big natural pool with emerald cold water in the beautiful scenery along the scenic coridor of the Quartzville Creek.

Larwood Covered Bridge Swimming Larwood Covered Bridge

A lovely park features a covered bridge and swimming hole. Great for families with kids.

Hannah Bridge Fishing Hannah Covered Bridge

A historic covered bridge over the Thomas Creek, the section of the river is peaceful with clear warm water in the summer months.

Foster Lake Foster Lake – Lewis Creek Park

Sandy beach, great for families with kids, water sports. Crowded in a peak season.

Sunnyside County ParkFoster Lake - Sunnyside County Park

Sandy beach, great for families with kids, water sports, camping, picnic sites.

McKercher County Park SwimmingCalapooia River - McKercher Park

Scenic river with unique rocky banks with a series of swimming holes in the rocky pockets and channels.

Pioneer Park SwimmingCalapooia River - Pioneer Park

Tranquil waters of the river make this location great for Families with kids.

Lane County

NorthshoreNorth Shore on Fall Creek Lake

An easily accessible lake shore in the Fall Creek National Recreation Area. Activities for entire family.

Lakeside Lakeside 1 and 2 Day Use Sites

Popular Lakesides with a sandy and grassy stretch of beach offering activity for the whole family.

Fall Creek Swimming Hole 1Fall Creek Swimming Hole

A pretty swimming hole on the Fall Creek with places for swimming, cliff jumping, and rope swinging.

BedrockBedrock Campground

A great little pool with sandy bottom on the peaceful section of the Fall Creek.

Big PoolBig Pool Campground

One of the excellent swimming holes features the deep emerald pool with underwater ledges and flat rock formations.

Broken Bowl Fall Creek near Broken Bowl Campground

Narrow and deep stretch of the creek with interesting rock formations located near the Broken Bowl Campground.

Clark Creek Fall Creek near Clark Creek

The big swimming pool with the sandy beach and rock than is used for jumping.

Salmon Creek FallsSalmon Creek Falls

Fantastic woodland along the Salmon Creek with a waterfall and deep blue-green swimming hole.

Lund Park - Brice creekBrice Creek

A popular series of lovely swimming holes within a short distance from Eugene.

Brice Creek FallsBrice Creek Falls

A gorgeous deep plunge pool has been with waterfalls in the rocky canyon.

Sharps Creek Sharps Creek

Pristine swimming holes in the bedrock offer opportunities for swimming and rock jumping.

Wildwood FallsWildwood Falls

A beautiful but dangerous swimming hole and cliff jumping spot on the Row River.

Lake Creek Falls Lake Creek Falls

A popular destination with multitude of small cascading waterfalls, a unique natural sliding rock, and plunge pool.

Oregon Coast & Oregon Coast Range

Smith River Falls Smith River Falls Site

The cascading waterfall drops into a deep rectangular pool which is used for swimming and cliff jumping. A rope swing is available.

Lake Marie Lake Marie

Surrounded by evergreen conifer trees, the coastal lake features warm water in summer, a sandy beach, trails, and campground.

Loon LakeLoon Lake

Natural lake with excellent sandy beach and clear warm water. Activities for the whole family.

Woahink Lake - Honeyman State ParkWoahink Lake

Natural coastal lake, large open space with picnic tables, boat ramp, and a roped off swimming area.

Cleawox Lake - Honeyman State ParkCleawox Lake

A popular summer destination, the natural warm lake offers activities for entire family.

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