When going beachcombing, you can show up with nothing. Just a few beers (or more?) and a desire to find cool treasures.

Or you can bring a bunch of stuff with you like I do sometimes.

Alternatively, there are a few items that are more important than the others and will make your beachcombing more fun and productive.

With our Hazlewolke Metal Detector review, you will see why this tool is at the top of the list.

Why Buy Hazlewolke Metal Detector?

In fact, this is THE BEAST of beachcombing. It can find any type of metal, including gold and silver.

The best part is if you are dead-set on funding only expensive stuff (golden Rolex Daytona, I am coming for you!), you can set it up for those metals specifically and skip the bottle caps.

In fact, there is a specific "Jewelry Mode" for you. And me.

Alternatively, you can be a normal person, unlike me, and look for all cool finds, from coins to chains and rings. But still hope for the Rolex...sorry.

The Best Beachcombing Tool: Hazlewolke Metal Detector

The Hazlewolke Metal Detector is a prime choice for beginners and seasoned treasure hunters.

Hazlewolke Metal Detector review

This detector combines advanced technological features with an exceptionally user-friendly design, making it ideal for anyone searching for lost artifacts, coins, or jewelry.

  • Beginner-Friendly Interface: Large backlit LCD (50% bigger), easy-to-use silicone buttons.
  • Enhanced Depth: Detects a quarter coin up to 10" underground.
  • Advanced Filtering: Minimizes junk finds and saves time.
  • "Find Your Gold": Engineered for easy start, exploring, and finding treasures.


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It is also cheap and reliable. In fact, it is so cheap you might just collect enough spare change on the beach that the metal detector will pay for itself.

The Hazlewolke Metal Detector is easy to use and set up without reading a phone book size manual.

Also, there are two colors to choose from. I have my Hazlewolke Metal Detector in toxic green because I want everyone to know I am a professional.


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy User Interface
  • Comes With Extra Stuff
  • Detects Multiple Metals, Including Gold


  • Requires Some Simple Assembly Out Of The Box

Top-Rated Beachcombing Gear

The Best Beachcombing Tool: Hazlewolke Metal Detector: Conclusion

Here is our quick and to-the-point Hazlewolke Metal Detector review.

This is a very affordable tool every family member can use. It brings more fun to beachcombing if you do it with loved ones.

If beachcombing is a serious hobby where you are looking for valuables, Hazlewolke will increase your efficiency and quality of the finds.

Legal Disclaimer

Using a metal detector is legal without a permit in many beach spots and state parks. However, double-checking the rules in your specific area of choice is always a good idea. I don't want Officer Friendly to fine you and take your toy away.

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