Going out into the wild is one of the best and the most affordable pastimes you can have. Unless your hydration source is Moët Impérial.

But there are still some things that are nice to have and some mandatory items (like clothes, duh). You can just throw together whatever you have in the closet and call it good. However, it is better to get proper gear to make your outing comfortable and safe.

We have been going out for adventures in the greater outdoors for well over a decade and had our fair share of gear tested. We found what's useful and what's not. What are the reliable and quality items worth the price, and what is a waste of space, independently of the cost.

We tested the gear, so you don't have to!

If you are just getting started in the world of the greater outdoors or want to upgrade your existing gear, check out our Best Outdoor Gear Guide.

Preparing for a longer hiking (camping, rockhounding, etc) outing? Pick up some safety and survival gear.

Out in the wilderness? Get yourself a GPS navigator. If you get lost with no internet, you can no longer be my reader. Let's not do that.

Heading to a desert environment like the Alvord Desert? Read through our short safety guide and pick up a few items to prepare for that trip.

If you are going to the beach and plan to collect some cool gifts of the ocean, check out our Beachcombing Gear Review.