Mineral Collecting - Central Oregon
Eagle Rock

Central Oregon just east of the Cascade Mountains is known to be a popular rock and mineral collecting area. Productive sites of Crook, Jefferson, and Deschutes Counties offer a variety of gem-quality minerals including famous thundereggs, petrified wood, limb cast, agate, jasper, and opal. Opal is found at Opal Butte in Morrow County but this area is closed to public diggings.

  • Jefferson County has popular minerals collecting sites including fossils, petrified wood, geodes, thunder eggs, agate and jasper.
  • Deschutes County is well-known for petrified wood.
  • The Warm Spring Reservation in Wasco and Jefferson Counties produces black and white colored agate.
  • Crook County is the most productive area with minerals such as petrified wood, limb casts, thunder eggs, agate, and jasper.

A wide variety of minerals, semiprecious gemstones, and rocks is available on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service. Also, there are privately owned mines, open to the public for fee digging. There may be private claims in some areas. Check it before you go.

Rock & Mineral Collecting - Central Oregon

Here is a list of the most popular sites, available for recreational rockhounding. But before accessing the sites and collecting any rocks, contact the local government agency to find out the most up-to-date information and regulations.

Eagle Rock

From Prineville, head southwest via Highway 380 to a free standing Eagle Rock, between milepost 14 and 15, and turn right just beyond the rock. Pass the cattle guard and turn left. Travel on a gravel road 1 miles to a fork. Bear right and go 0.4 miles to the next split of the road. Take a left and park your car. Hike up the hill 0.3 miles to the collection site. The Eagle Rock area produces beautiful but scarce red and black plume, dendritic, moss agate in a rhyolite base.

Rocks & Minerals: Agate
Tools: Rock hammers and chisel
County: Crook
Managed: BLM
Road Access: Not maintained; a high-clearance vehicle is recommended; seasonal road closure

Congleton HollowCongleton Hollow

Limb Casts from the Congleton Hollow Rock Collecting Area is known for its green and pink hues.

Dendrite Butte OregonDendrite Butte

Dendrite Butte is known for its limb casts with blue, pink, and green shades.

White Rock Springs ThundereggsWhite Rock Springs

White Rock Springs is one of a few thunderegg rockhounding sites in the Ochoco National Forest.

Whistler SpringsWhistler Springs

Whistler Springs is a public rockhounding site that produces agate-filled thundereggs.

Lucky Strike MineLucky Strike Mine

A remote fee-digging Lucky Strike Mine is a popular site to collect stunning thundereggs.

White Fir Springs Jasper ThundereggsWhite Fir Springs

White Fir Springs is a public rockhounding site in the Ochoco National Forest known for unique jasper-filled thundereggs.

Bear Creek RockhoundingBear Creek

Bear Creek Rockhounding Area is well-known for an abundance of petrified wood.

Fischer Canyon RockhoundingFischer Canyon

A public rock collecting area produces calcite, jasper, agate, quartz, common opal, leaf fossils, and petrified wood.

Maury Mountain Agate BedsMaury Mountains Agate Beds

The site produces beautiful varieties of moss agates with gold, green and red hues; dendritic and white plume agates can be found.

Hampton ButteHampton Butte

Hampton Butte is well-known among rock collectors for its unique green petrified wood.

Fossils - City of FossilWheeler High School Fossil Beds

Fossil dig bed produces plant fossils including metasequoia, the ancestors of sycamore, maples, oaks, rose, and alder.

Polka Dot AgatePolka Dot Agate Mine

Polka Dot Agate Mine is famous agate beds that produce agates with polka-dot patterns.

Richardson’s Rock Ranch thunder eggsRichardson’s Rock Ranch

Richardson Rock Ranch is known for its highly-prized Priday plume agate.

Oregon Rockhounding Map

When rockhounding in Central Oregon, it's essential to follow local regulations and respect private property boundaries. Additionally, it's a good idea to bring appropriate tools, safety gear, and be prepared for outdoor conditions. Before planning a trip, consider checking with local rockhounding clubs or forums for the latest information and tips on the best spots to explore in the area.

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The Oregon Rockhounding Map provides information about some of the many rockhounding sites of the state of Oregon. Information is subject to change at any time, and the Oregon Discovery team cannot guarantee that is either current or correct. Be aware that there are some mine claims and private lands near the public collecting areas. Determining the land status and minerals' collection rules at the site is your responsibility.

Currently, this map is incomplete but new rockhounding sites and related details will be added in the future.

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