Top Oregon Outdoor Adventure Gear
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I don't have to tell you what trashy gear means trashy adventure:

  • Your boots are rubbing your feet raw.
  • The backpack feels like you are hauling a Walmart bag full of rocks attached to you with a set of shoe laces.
  • Rain is soaking through your jacket, and you wonder what the hell you are doing here.

It has been me more than once.

With a trip like this, you might as well should have stayed home. Or visit your favorite watering hole instead (got to be an IPA, of course. It is Oregon, baby!)

Guess what? You can save your adventure and actually have a good time with the right gear!

Our team at Oregon Discovery went on thousands of outdoor outings over the course of well over 10 years.

From hiking, rockhounding, and extended camping trips to simple beach trips. If you are thinking about an adventure, we have done it. More than once. Much more than once.

We went through dozens of brands and hundreds of items to see what works and what doesn't.

Some items on the list might appear spendy, but it is only at first sight. Quality gear will last you a long time and serve well in the worst (and best) environments.

Here are our top outdoor gear choices to make your trip a fantastic experience.

Best Hiking Backpack - Osprey Atmos AG 65 / Aura AG 65 Review

Our Oregon Discovery crew went on hundreds of adventures for over a decade and it always involved carrying a backpack (whether to collect cool rocks, carry hiking essentials, etc.).

Over that time, we've torn apart a few backpacks (and plenty of other things along the way) and left even more packs in the closet because those were unfit for the task.

These backpacks (from cheap Walmart variety to much pricier models) carry the stuff at the expense of your body!

Read Full Review Here...

Osprey Atmos AG 65/Aura AG 65

Atmos AG 65L (Men's Version)

osprey atmos reviewA quality backpack means the difference between a pleasurable outing and a disastrous one. From our experience (and many other adventurers, too), the Atmos AG 65L (male version) and Aura AG 65L (female version) by Osprey are THE BEST all-around backpacks. 


Osprey Aura AG 65 (Women's Version)

Detailed Review for Both Versions
osprey atmos review

  • All Day Comfort: The full-metal frame, expansive side compression strap system, and well-integrated suspension distribute weight effectively. No falling off the cliff because one side was too heavy (unless you do it on purpose, but I don't judge)
  • Light Weight: 4 to 5 pounds depending on the backpack size (approximate weight of a bag with 12 apples or 7 cans of beer if you are me)
  • Practical Compartments: Hella lots of pockets, water bottle holders, and a sleeping bag compartment (Marie Kondo would be envious of you)
  • Good Ventilation: Imagine a light breeze around your back and shoulders instead of being sticky and wet. No more getting to the camp looking like you just ran the marathon
  • Durability: Will last you for eternity (or close to it) and beyond


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KEEN Targhee III Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

KEEN Men's Targhee III Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot

Keen men targhee 3 hiking boots reviewWhen you are out, your feet are your most valuable asset, so invest in quality footwear.

Blisters will seriously ruin your day. And the twisted ankle will be a show-stopper.

If you think your adventure partner will be able to drag you up the cliff from the beach or 13 miles down from the summit, you are daydreaming.

And you will get comfortable, waterproof boots (it is Oregon, remember?) with excellent traction!


KEEN Women's Targhee III Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boots

Detailed Review for Both Versions

KEEN Women's Targhee 3 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boots review

  • Waterproof: Kinda important in the greater outdoors, duh! A breathable membrane helps keep your feet dry from sweating, too!
  • Perfect Traction: These kicks are for trails and jumping from rock to rock, not for a catwalk. Mud, loose rocks, etc; KEEN hikers got you covered!
  • Support And Comfort: Ankle support helps you not twist anything that is not supposed to be twisted. Internal lining prevents blisters and keeps you comfortable on extended (and short) hikes.
  • Field Tested: You see everyone and their mother wearing these boots not because of great marketing (does KEEN even have marketing?). But because it is the best value for the price you can get!


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THE NORTH FACE Venture 2 Rain Jacket

THE NORTH FACE Men’s Venture 2 Jacket

THE NORTH FACE Men’s Venture 2 Jacket review

Oregon weather can be unpredictable and just straight-up wet for months on end, and a reliable rain jacket is a must-have.

THE NORTH FACE Venture 2 Rain Jacket is lightweight, packable and offers top-notch waterproofing to keep you dry when the skies open up.


THE NORTH FACE Women’s Venture 2 Jacket

THE NORTH FACE Women’s Venture 2 Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket
Detailed Review for Both Versions

  • Waterproof And Breathable: Protects you from the elements but doesn't make you sweat like you wrapped yourself in a garbage bag
  • Durable: High-quality design will last you a loooong time
  • Packable: Folds into it's own pocket and takes practically no space
  • Multiple Colors And Styles: Comes in cool colors and big sizes, so pick one to match your boots!


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So there you have it, friends!

This tried-and-true gear will accompany you on countless Oregon adventures.

Remember, the right equipment can make all the difference between a fantastic trip and a crappy one. So pick up some essential items on the list and head out!

Happy exploring!

The Best GPS for Outdoor Activities - Review

Garmin Foretrex 601 Our team at Oregon Discovery used dozens of various navigators over 15 years. We went on thousands of outdoor adventures, from hiking in the Oregon wilderness to extended desert trips and everything in between.

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