Succor Creek State Natural Area
Succor Creek Road

Graveyard Point - Oregon | Idaho Border

Graveyard Point RockhoundingGraveyard Point is a vast Eastern Oregon area in Owyhee Canyon along the Oregon-Idaho border.

The area is known for excellent plum agates with pink yellow, and red inclusions. Moss, dendritic, angel wing and other varieties of agate can be found here as well. Beware of private claims.

Unearthing Treasures at Graveyard Point

Succor Creek Canyon

Succor Creek ThundereggThe scenic rocky Succor Creek Canyon is known as a rockhound's paradise. The official state rock of Oregon, thunder eggs, filled with agates and other minerals, can be found in the Succor Creek State Natural Area. Cross the bridge and search on the hillside and gravel deposits along the creek. This deposit is a very large and, typically, thunder eggs are averagely sized up to apple.

Succor Creek - Hidden High Desert Oasis

Leslie Gulch - Owyhee Reservoir

Rocks & Minerals: Agate, Jasper
Tools: Geology pick
County: Malheur
Managed: BLM
Road Access: A high-clearance vehicle is recommended. Wet weather conditions make the road impassable.

From Jordan Valley, follow 27 miles via US 95 north, turn left onto Mc Bridge Road in Idaho and go 8.5 miles to Succor Creek Road in Oregon. Turn right and then again right, drive 1.5 miles to Leslie Gulch Road, turn left and follow next 14.2 miles to the destination.

Negro Rock - near Owyhee Reservoir

Rocks & Minerals: Petrified wood
Tools: Rock hammers, picks, and shovels
County: Malheur
Managed: BLM
Road Access: A high-clearance vehicle is recommended. Wet weather conditions make the road impassable.

From Harper, take US 20 east and drive for about 14.4 miles to Rock Canyon Road. Turn south onto Bishop Road and after 1.2 miles turn right onto Rock Canyon Road and go for 17.6 miles. Continue straight (ignore the two left branches), after 0.6 miles go slight left and follow 0.9 miles to the destination on the right.

This site offers petrified wood, scarce but of high quality. Digging area is located on the hillside.

Twin Springs

Twin Springs Oregon RockhoundingTwin Springs is one of the great rock collecting sites in a remote part of Southeastern Oregon.

The site offers opportunities to find agate, jasper, petrified wood, chalcedony, calcite, and occasionally geodes.

Exploring Twin Springs Rockhounding Area

Haystack Butte

Haystackbutte RockhoundingHaystack Butte Rockhounding site is a remote high desert destination of the Owyhee area, known for its distinctive colorful brecciated jasper. The jasper is prized for its ability to take on a great polish,

Besides jasper, white, or gray mossy agate, petrified wood, chalcedony, and sometimes common opal can be found.

Haystack Butte - Rockhounding in the Owyhee Area

Beulah Reservoir - near Juntura

Rocks & Minerals: Leaf and Fish Fossils, Agate, and Jasper
Tools: Rock hammers, picks, and shovels
County: Malheur
Managed: BLM
Road Access: A high-clearance vehicle is recommended

From Burns or Juntura, drive onto US 20 to Beulah Road (the western end of Juntura). Turn north onto Beulah Road and drive 14.5 miles to Agency Mountain Road (the south edge of the reservoir). Turn left onto Agency Mountain Road and cross the dam. The parking area is on the right.

The beautiful Beulah Reservoir near a small town of Juntura is famous for its great fossilized leaves. Here also you can find fish fossils, agate, and jasper. The collecting site is located on the southeastern shore of the reservoir.

McDermitt - Oregon | Nevada Border

Rocks & Minerals: Mostly Jasper
Tools: Rock hammers, picks, and shovels
County: Malheur
Managed: BLM
Road Access: A high-clearance vehicle is recommended. Wet weather conditions make the road impassable.
Locations: Agate Hills, Agate Flat, Cottonwood Spring, White Hill, Gopher Holes
Agate Hill. From McDermit, follow west onto Cordero Mine Road for 4.3 miles and then turn onto Disaster Pick Road. Continue onto Disaster Pick Road west for 4 miles. Take a dirt way just before the cattle guard and drive uphill for next 0.3 miles or leave your car downhill.

Agate Flat. From the cattle guard, drive 2.2 miles west along Disaster Pick Road to a flat parking area on the left.

McDermitt mineral

Cottonwood Spring. From Agate Flat, continue for 0.8 miles west on Disaster Pick Road to a dirt Archie Myers Ranch Road, turn left and go 0.2 miles to the parking area just before the creek.

White Hill. From Cottonwood Springs, follow 2.6 miles onto Archie Myers Ranch Road. The White Hill collecting site is on the right.

Gopher Holes. From White Hill, continue 1.2 miles onto Archie Myers Ranch Road. Collecting sites are located along the road.

The hilly areas near the town of McDermitt on the Oregon side have numerous productive rockhounding sites. There are several petrified wood deposits including  Agate Flat, Cottonwood Spring, White Hill, and Gopher Holes. White and tan agates with black dendrites can be found on Agate Hill. Agatized wood can be collected at the Agate Flat site. Opalized wood is found at the Cottonwood Spring site.

Blue Mountain Mine (Fee Site)

Blue Mountain Mine is located a few miles north of McDermitt.

From US-95, between mileposts 117 and 118 (51 miles south of US-95/OR-78 junction or 4.5 miles north of McDermitt), turn west onto Easterday Road (Hot Springs Road) and drive 1.2 miles. Bear right, just before a ranch, and continue 0.3 miles to the gate. Open and close the gate, then continue 0.3 miles to the fork. On the fork, bear right and continue 0.6 miles to the mine.

GPS: N 42°04.859' W 117°45.619'| 42.081, -117.763

Blue Mountain Mine


The Oregon Rockhounding Map provides information about some of the many rockhounding sites of the state of Oregon. Information is subject to change at any time, and the Oregon Discovery team cannot guarantee that is either current or correct. Be aware that there are some mine claims and private lands near the public collecting areas. Determining the land status and minerals' collection rules at the site is your responsibility.

Currently, this map is incomplete but new rockhounding sites and related details will be added in the future.

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