Douglas County

Cavitt Creek FallsCavitt Creek Falls

Crystal-clear water in deep colorful pools. Low waterfall with jump opportunities from the rocks.

Canton Creek CampgroundCanton Creek Campground

A deep swimming hole surrounded by large rocks and rock ledges.

South UmpquaSouth Umpqua Swimming Spots

There are plenty South Umpqua swimming spots along South Umpqua Road.

South Umpqua Falls Cliff JumpingSouth Umpqua Falls

The waterfall is an unique natural bedrock water slide, cliff jumping and swimming area.

Little Falls - Steamboat CreekLittle Falls – Steamboat Creek

A popular summer destination with swimming and cliff jumping opportunities.

Steamboat Falls SwimmingSteamboat Falls – Steamboat Creek

A great summer destination with sunbathing, swimming, and cliff jumping opportunities.

Three C Rock - South Umpqua RiverThree C Rock

Three C Rock offers a refreshing swimming along the 300-foot long channel.

South Umpqua River SwimmingSouth Umpqua Bridge

South Umpqua Bridge at Days Creek is a perfect roadside swimming hole.

Jackson County

Emigrant LakeEmigrant Lake

Located in the Ashland vicinity, the lake features very warm water in the summer months, sandy beaches, water slide.

Willow LakeWillow Lake

A scenic lake with woody shores and sandy beach offering activities for entire family.

Hyatt LakeHyatt Lake

Located in the the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, the recreation area offers opportunities for hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and boating.

Josephine County

Swimming hole at Six miles siteSixmile

The wide and deep swimming hole with slow currents, large rocks and rock ledges on the scenic Illinois River.

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