Oregon has a vast landscape complete with the ocean, mountains, rivers, lakes and weather that makes it an ideal sport fishing destination. People with a passion for unique species can visit any of the rivers, streams, lakes or even the ocean for unlimited fun, as each has its own selection of fish to satisfy the avid angler.

Fishing in the Pacific Ocean

If you decide to go to the ocean for sport fishing in Oregon, you are likely to catch some of the species like halibut, salmon, rockfish, lingcod, and many others. There are several species of halibut thriving at the bottom of the ocean, but if you intend to catch them make sure that whatever you catch is legal for the season to avoid unnecessary brushes with authorities.

Crabbing and clamming are popular and fun activities for adults and children. Angling at the ocean you might also catch some sharks that are native to these parts. Pacific angel, salmon and soup fin sharks are the most common in Oregon but they have unique habits which influence an angler’s success. Other species that you might catch in the ocean include Pacific cod, Pacific mackerel and wolf eel.

Fishing in Oregon

Fishing in the Rivers and Lakes

Oregon’s rivers are probably the most popular sport fishing grounds in the world. The Columbia River, for example, flows through the state in its majesty carrying several species of fish that hobbyists can’t help but catch.

Most fish that attracts sportsmen are those that migrate from the oceans in search of spawning grounds. Salmon are the most popular fish caught in this area owing to their feisty nature that demands an angler’s endurance and expertise.

You might be able to catch other anadromous species like shad, smelt and steelhead in the rivers but don’t forget to read the regulations, so you know what to fish, how many you can retain, and where it is available.

The ODFW lays down strict rules on sport fishing to make sure that it is done safely and in moderation to avoid depleting native fish populations. Trout and salmon fishing in the lakes and rivers is often limited to give them a chance to thrive and increase in numbers.

Carp can be caught at any time as they are in abundance in Oregon’s river and lake system. You should be careful when hunting sturgeon because there are times when fishing is prohibited.

Fishing in the Mountains

There are some fish that are best caught around the mountains which provide excellent hiding locations and spawning grounds. However, not everyone who loves sport fishing enjoys searching for the ideal spot but hope is not lost as they can use guides to show them where certain species are likely to be in plenty in a particular fishing season.

Hatchery Fish

To satisfy people’s hunger for sport fishing species that might be elusive in their natural habitat, the department of wildlife and fisheries runs hatcheries. Hatcheries are regularly stocked fish to attract people seeking an easy yet fun fishing experience. The whole family including children and the elderly will enjoy catching hatchery rainbow trout and other species which might be difficult to get in the lakes or rivers.

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