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Oregon is well known for its abundant species of bass, something that makes bass fishing in Oregon a top activity for the fishing enthusiasts from across the state. With the bait fishing season in the northwest state just about to break open, then this is ultimately the best place for avid anglers to have a truly wonderful fishing experience.

But the fact that bass can be found almost everywhere across Oregon doesn't mean that your boat will always be loaded after every fishing trip.

Successful bait fishing in this state takes more than just tossing out the bait and then waiting for the fish to bite. You definitely need to use the best bass fishing techniques and also understand fully what it takes to catch bass. Here are some incredibly smart tips to help make your bass fishing trips a big success.

Learn how to find bass

Knowing how to locate and find bass can boost your chances of catching more bass each time you go for your fishing trip. Even if you know of a place where the bass is in plenty, you might, however, fail to catch them if you don't know the exact places they are hiding in the water.

If you go fishing in a river, for instance, try casting your fishing trap along the riverbank. In most cases, a bass is most likely there hugging around or seeking cover. But if you are fishing in the sea or lake, try casting along the shoreline moving to deeper depths.

Know the best places to go bass fishing

Like with any other type of fishing, knowing the right place to go for bass fishing can dramatically make your fishing trip rewarding and exciting. Bass are widespread throughout Oregon, and they can be easily found in lakes, rivers, and ponds. It helps to be well-versed with some of the best places in Oregon to go for your bass fishing trips. Here are some of the top places where you can go for your bass fishing trips.

Craine Prairie Reservoir

Situated along River Deschutes in central Oregon, Craine Prairie Reservoir boasts one of the largest populations of bass in Oregon, thus making it an excellent place for bass fishing. The ample supply of food in the form of vegetation and timber makes it a heaven for bass. Today, it boasts the largest populations of largemouth bass than any other place across the state.

Columbia River

This is one of the best places to go for long-distance bass fishing tours. It has a huge population of smallmouth bass alongside other unique species of bass. Unlike other fishing spots across Oregon, this is an ideal place to go fishing regardless of the time and month of the year, thanks to the fact that bass here is available all-year round.

Tenmile Lakes

The fact that Tenmile Lakes (North Tenmile and Tenmile) are popular with bass fishermen makes them a great for place for any angler who wants a guided bass fishing trip. The local fishermen here can help you catch some of the largest largemouth basses. The lakes have ultra-clear waters, thus making it quite easy to view the fish from your boat.

Always use the right fishing techniques

When it comes to bass fishing, the fish techniques used can mean all the difference between success and failure. Regardless of whether you are a professional or an inexperienced angler, using the right fishing techniques can boost your chances of catching more bass. Here are some of the best fishing techniques you can use for catching bass in Oregon.


This is one of the best bass catching techniques for both seasoned and inexperienced anglers alike. It entails using a topwater bait, thus making it an extremely easy technique for luring and catching those hungry and active bass on the surface of the water. The technique is meant to get the attention of the fish using dramatic movements and noise. Some of the best topwater baits include poppers, frogs, and jitterbugs.

Pitching and flipping technique

This is the best technique to fish when a bass isn't active and hiding in thick cover. With this technique, you can get even the smallest bass hiding in the shallow-water thick cover devoid of spooking them too much. This technique is best used with a 7 A foot or 6 A foot fishing rod, together with a soft-plastic bait.


This is the simplest bass fishing technique that is excellent for novice anglers. It entails using a bait that closely resembles a wounded baitfish, and then jerking the rod tip as you reel, so as to give the bass an impression of an easy meal. This technique is best used in clear water where fish can see the bait easily.

Vary your retrieve

Bass is somewhat smart and curious. They will take off as soon as they notice someone is out there trying to catch them. Even when in abundant supply, you may end up catching nothing if you scare them away. Therefore, vary up your retrieve speed to be able to catch more bass. You can wait for at least 5-10 minutes before you cast your fishing trap back into the water.

Fish at the right time of the day

Knowing the right time to catch bass can help make your bass fishing trips a huge success. In Oregon, the best time to go for bass fishing is during the first early hours of the day, or during the last hours towards the evening. At these times of the day, the bass is usually out to feed on any available food at the surface of the water, and hence this presents the best opportunity to catch them.


Bass fishing in Oregon is definitely an activity that you shouldn't miss if you are a fishing enthusiast. But the only way you can make your fishing trips worth your time and effort is to ensure you are doing everything right in order to catch more and large bass. Now that you have tips for successful bass fishing in Oregon, then you are very likely to make your fishing trips a big success.

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