Steamboat Falls

• Steamboat Falls is a great spot to watch steelhead trout jumping over the waterfall
• A great summer destination offering sunbathing and swimming opportunities

Steamboat Falls

Steamboat Falls Swimming

Steamboat Falls Canyon

Steamboat Falls Canyon

Powerful during wet seasons of the year and still impressive in the summer, Steamboat Falls is a block-type waterfall that gradually cascades through the stone slabs into a deep canyon with emerald-green water.

Located in the Umpqua National Forest, Steamboat Falls is an excellent destination for hiking, mountain biking, boating, camping, summer swimming, and watching steelhead trout jumping to the top of the 25-foot waterfall from May to July.

A fish ladder is adjusted to the waterfall and partially drained the Steamboat Creek. This creek and all its tributaries are closed for all fishing because these watersheds are providing the main spawning habitats for the North Umpqua River steelhead run.

The flat surface of the rock outcroppings at the top of the waterfall is used for sunbathing. Filled with the creek water, pockets in the rock slabs are used for dipping and swimming. Also, you can swim downstream of the waterfall.

Steamboat Falls Campground is located on the south bank of Steamboat Creek, the other side of Steamboat Road at the waterfall.


Cliff jumping and slippery rocks are associated with risks, please use caution and make safe decisions;
It is dangerous to cross the creek at the top edge of the waterfall, a drop can be life-threatening;
Watch out for poison oak along the trails and the campground fence.


Steamboat Falls | General Description

Open: Year-round
Managed: US Forest Service
Location: Umpqua National Forest

Services: Vault toilet and garbage disposal at the campground, no water
Activities: Swimming, cliff jumping, boating, hiking, nature viewing, and photography
Accommodations: Camping on first-come first-served basis

Distance from the trailhead: 100 feet

Road access: Any passenger vehicle
Day-use fees: Free
Popularity: Moderate
Restrictions: No fishing, no mining

Elevation (waterfall): 1,480 ft (451 m)

Steamboat Falls is located:

  • 45 miles east of Roseburg
  • 78 miles southeast of Eugene
  • 131 miles north of Medford
  • 143 miles southwest of Bend.

Waterfall Facts
Total height: 25 ft (8 m)
Watercourse: Steamboat Creek
Number of drops: One
Primary form: Block
Seasonality: 12 months

Swimming hole rating: 3 out of 5
Body of Water: Creek
Water quality: Transparent
Current: Light to moderate
Depth: Deep and shallow
Beach: Cliffs, rock slabs
Water T° (summer): Cold (66°F in August)

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Day-Use Site

From Roseburg,

  • Take OR-138 East (Diamond Lake Boulevard) and drive about 39 miles to Steamboat Creek Road (Forest Service Road 38)
  • Turn left onto Steamboat Creek Road and continue 6.2 miles to a turnout near the falls.

GPS: N 43°22.457' W 122°38.472' | 43.3743, -122.6412

Directions to the campground

From Roseburg,

  • Take OR-138 East (Diamond Lake Boulevard) and drive about 39 miles to Steamboat Creek Road (Forest Service Road 38)
  • Turn left onto Steamboat Creek Road and continue 5.6 miles to Forest Road 3810 (bridge)
  • Turn right, cross the bridge, stay to the left, and drive 0.7 miles to Steamboat Falls Campground.


GPS: N 43°22.389' W 122°38.452' | 43.3732, -122.6409

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