Fossils in fossil

• A productive Fossil fossils bed behind the Wheeler High School
• Fossilized leaves are hidden inside of the soft rock

Hillside - Wheeler High School

Hillside - Wheeler High School

Fossils in Fossil

Fossils in Fossil

Gerhard Weiss
G. Weiss

Located in the town of Fossil, an easily accessible digging site is open to the public for a small donation fee. The hillside just behind the baseball field at the Wheeler High School is a productive Fossil fossils bed.

The Wheeler High School fossil bed as well as other John Day Formation fossils were formed over 30 million years ago. At that time there was a moist temperate climate here. The prehistoric lake was surrounded by lush deciduous forest. During the formation of Cascade Mountains, volcanic ash and silt along with leaves, needles, fish, salamanders, and insects were washed into the lake. Over millions of years the sediments had been fossilized, preserving the ancient organic debris.

Over 30 different species of plants have been found here including ones somewhat similar to present day alder, maple, sequoia, oak, ash trees, rose, and hawthorn. Some extinct species can be found as well. The Cascades formation blocked most precipitation, creating a rain-shadow effect. As a result the climate east of the Cascade Mountains become semi-arid. Maple and pine trees only adapted to the dry conditions and today can be found in this area.

The fossil bed was exposed during the Wheeler High School constructions in 1949 and since is open to public access. Almost every rock on the hillside behind the school contains leave impressions. A little bit of digging is needed to exposed shale. Fossilized leaves are hidden inside of the soft rock. Rarely, collectors can find insects, salamanders, seeds, and flowers.

Open the shale piece by splitting the layers with a chisel or strong knife, lightly tapping with a hammer. Hopefully, a whole ancient leaf will be revealed.

There are some tools available on the site to use, but it is suggested to bring your own including a rock pick hammer, trowel, and chisel.

Fossils Bed in Fossil | General Description

Open: Year-round
Managed: Wheeler High School
Location: Fossil

Rocks & Minerals: Fossils
Tools: Picks

Services: None
Activities: Rockhounding
Accommodations: In the town

Distance from the parking: Short
Road access: Any passenger vehicle
Day-use fees: Yes
Popularity: Low to moderate

Elevation: 2,700 ft (823 m)

Fossils bed in Fossil is located:

  • 90 miles southeast of The Dalles
  • 109 miles northeast of Bend
  • 173 miles southeast of Portland.


From I-84,

  • Take exit 104 for Highway OR-206 East
  • Follow 42 miles on OR-206 East to Highway OR-19
  • Turn right onto OR-19 and continue 19 miles to First Street in Fossil
  • Turn left onto onto First Street then left onto Broadway Street and follow to Jay Street
  • Turn left onto Jay Street and continue to the high school.

Address: OPLI Field Center, 333 West Fourth Street, Fossil, OR 97830
Phone: 541-763-4480
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