Richardson’s Rock Ranch

• Richardson’s Rock Ranch is known for its world-famous thunderegg deposits

Located northeast of Madras, a family owned Richardson’s Rock Ranch has been known for its extensive world-famous deposits of mineral-filled nodules or thundereggs. The highly-prized in the world Priday Plume agates features brilliant red and yellow plumes in the transparent matrix.

Besides local gems, the Richardson’s rock shop offers an exceptional selection of geological treasures from Oregon and all over the world.

This oasis for mineral collectors was open in 1974 and over decades remains one of the main attractions in Central Oregon.

The ranch has been extremely popular for digging opportunities. Currently, the owners closed beds to the public digging. However, visitors can purchase freshly dug thundereggs from the ranch beds including the famous Priday Agate Beds. In the shop, rockhound hobbyists will find rough and polished rocks, fossils, petrified wood, jewelry, and other products made from semi-precious stones.

Richardson’s Rock Ranch thunder eggs
Opal Bed Thundereggs

Richardson’s Rock Ranch | Facts

Open: Year-round; May through September - 9am-5pm daily; October through April - 9am-5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Managed by: Private ranch

Rocks & Minerals: Thundereggs and Ledge Agates
Tools: No digging is allowed

Amenities: Rock shop, restroom
Distance from the parking: Short
Road access: Any passenger vehicle

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Elevation: 1,735 ft (529 m)

Richardson’s Rock Ranch is located:

  • 14 miles northeast of Madras
  • 57 miles northeast of Bend
  • 129 miles southeast of Portland.

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Directions to Richardson’s Rock Ranch

From Madras,

  • Go 11 miles north on US-97 to Old US-97 (Richardson's Ranch signboard)
  • Turn right onto Old US-97 and drive 1.9 miles to Hay Creek Road
  • Turn right onto Hay Creek Road and continue 0.9 mile to the destination on the left.

Phone: 541-475-2680
Address: 6683 Hay Creek Rd. Madras, Oregon 97741

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  1. This is David Reno in Hector Arkansas. I am a Disabled Vietnam Era Veteran looking to learn to polish stones.
    My pockets don’t run deep but I have lowered my standards to asking for a handout.
    I would like to have some Agate to slab and tumble. Un-sellable, tailings, any thing would be great.
    Can you help me in this endeavor or point me in the right direction?

    1. Author

      Hello, Probably you need to contact to a rock club in your area.

  2. Richardson’s rock ranch no longer offers digging to the public; you can only buy what they have dug up, which to me takes the fun out of it. Know before you go

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