Barnes Warm Springs | Frenchglen – Eastern Oregon

Barnes Warm Springs | Frenchglen Warm Springs

Barnes Warm Springs | Frenchglen Warm Springs

Barnes Warm Springs | Frenchglen Warm Springs

Barnes Warm Springs | Frenchglen Warm Springs

Barnes Warm Springs | Frenchglen Warm Springs

The eastern part of Oregon can be described as an area of the rugged beauty. This part of Oregon is quite the opposite to the western region that is characterized by the forested mountains and wet coastline. Instead, Eastern Oregon is filled with sagebrush high desert, uneven mountain peaks, volcanic craters, deserted back roads and abundant wildlife. Local residents usually belong to ranching and farming families and are very warm and friendly towards visitors. It is amidst this wild beauty that Barnes Warm Springs is located.

This warm springs can be found in a spot close to the Steens Mountains and the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near a very small town of Frenchglen. It is one of the best sites for spotting wildlife. Less than one-mile hike from the gate at the southern end of Frenchglen, 0.3 miles south of historic hotel Frenchglen, is easy and enjoyable. There is a small parking area near the gate.


The water's temperature in the pool is not over 90-degree Fahrenheit, making it perfect for soaking in warmer summer days. Moreover, there is no fee to be paid, so soakers can thoroughly enjoy this secluded Barnes warm spring without any worries.

The trail up to Barnes Warm Spring runs along the Warm Springs Canal and hills. After an easy hike that takes about 20 minutes, you will see juniper trees, big rocks, and abandoned farm constructions in the background.

Located a few yards down from the road, the 7-feet in diameter secluded pool is lined with rocks. The bottom of the pool is sand and gravel.

The best time to visit this warm spring is between June and September. The trail is also animal-friendly so dogs and other pets can use the trail (on leash). The amazing natural beauty and a refreshing dip in Barnes Warm Springs will surely to make your day relaxing and pleasant.

General Description

Access: 365 days a year, the best time for bathing - summer
Development: Undeveloped
Clothing: Optional
Service: None
Historic Frenchglen Hotel - 0.3 miles south
Page Springs Campground - 3.3 miles southwest
Distance from a parking: 0.85 miles
Fees: None
Elevation: 4,170 ft (1,271 m)
GPS coordinates: 42.815, -118.901

Water temperature: 88°F (31°C)

Barnes Warm Springs are located:

  • 1.2 miles southeast of Frenchglen
  • 52 miles north of Fields
  • 61 miles south of Burns.

Things to Do and See

Hart Mountain (Antelope) Hot Springs: Soaking, camping, hiking, rockhounding.

Crystal Crain Hot Springs : Soaking, camping.

Alvord Hot Springs: Soaking, camping.

Harney County Rockhounding

Directions to Barnes (Frenchglen) Warm Springs

  • From Burns, take Highway 78 (OR-78) and follow 1.2 miles to highway 205 (OR-205)
  • Turn right onto Highway 205 and travel 58.2 miles to Frenchglen
  • After passing the Historic Frenchglen Hotel on the right, take the Steens Mountain Loop
  • Travel 0.3 miles onto the Steens Mountain Loop
  • Then bear right and park your car near the gate
  • Walk 0.85 miles from the gate to the warm springs on the left.

Weather Forecast

11/10 0%
High 46° / Low 5°
11/11 0%
High 44° / Low 8°
11/12 0%
High 47° / Low 10°
Mostly Cloudy
11/13 0%
Mostly Cloudy
High 49° / Low 17°
Partly Cloudy
11/14 0%
Partly Cloudy
High 53° / Low 21°

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