Crystal Crane Hot Springs - Swimming Pond

• Crystal Crane Hot Springs is a geothermal oasis in the high desert
• Features an open-air hot pond

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The dry landscape of Eastern Oregon seems to be lifeless and boring until you visit Crystal Crane Hot Springs. Located 25 miles southeast of Burns just off Highway 78, this desert oasis provides an access to mineral-rich water for relaxing bathing while enjoying a panoramic view of the sagebrush desert and the fairly low sky of Eastern Oregon.

The views around are worth visiting the hot springs but at night the entire area transforms into a wondrous magic show with stars and the moon in the dark sky. In addition, underwater pond lights create a specific romantic atmosphere during your night bathing.

Crystal Crane is a 160-acre rustic resort that offers accommodations in cabins, inns, and tepees with individual soaking tubs. RV and camping sites are also available.

There are six private cedar bathhouses with the individual soaking tubs. The water temperature can be adjusted to any comfortable temperature. The steam of the hot water mixes with the sweet aroma of the cedar wood, which creates a special atmosphere of relaxation and satisfaction.

The pond is about 80 feet in diameter and 7 feet deep in the center. Hot water is pumped from two artesian wells of 180°F and 120°F. The hot water is mixed with water from a cold-water well before coming to the pond. The poll’s temperature depends on the weather conditions and, typically, varies between 97°F (36°C) and 103°F (39°C) – cooler in summer and hotter in winter.

There are massage showers in the pond which might be used between soaking sessions to massage your shoulders and back.

An overnight stay gives you unlimited access to the hot springs pond. Other benefits for overnighters are communal space and Camp Kitchen with refrigerator, stove, and microwave. You can also enjoy your complimentary morning coffee.

Restrictions: No alcohol or glass containers are allowed in or around the hot springs and no pets in the hot springs.

Note: Crystal Crane was renamed Crane Hot Springs in 2019.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs - Swimming Pond at Night
Pond at Night
Crystal Crane Hot Springs
Swimming Pond
Crystal Crane Hot Springs
Massage Shower
Crystal Crane Hot Springs - Swimming Pond
Early Morning Soaking

Brief History

Crystal Crane Hot Springs has been known by European settlers since the early 1900s. Initially, the hot mineral water was simply used to do laundry.

In the 1920s, excellent therapeutic properties of the mineral water were recognized by a local physician and a 30 by 60 feet pool was build. However, water, transferred from the source, was extremely hot at 180°F. Without a source of cold water, it took many hours and even days before the water in the pool cools to comfortable for bathing temperature. Visitors were waiting and spending the time in a dance hall and restaurant.

In the 1930s, all of the buildings were destroyed by fire. There were attempts to rebuild the resort. However, most of structures we see today were built when Kryger family became the new owners.


Crystal Crane Hot Springs | Facts

Open: Year-round
Development: Rustic resort, large outdoor pool, private soaking tubs

Amenities&Services: Restrooms, showers, high-speed internet access, and kitchen facilities
Accommodations: Inns, cabins, tepees, RV and camping sites
Clothing: Required in the public area

Distance from the parking: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: Yes

Elevation: 4,130 ft (1,259 m)

Crystal Crane Hot Springs is located:

  • 25 miles southeast of Burns
  • 158 miles east of Bend
  • 309 miles southeast of Portland.

Water T° (pond): 97°-103°F (36°-39°C)
Water T° (2 sources): 180°F (82°C) and 120°F (49°C)
Water acidity level: Alkaline (pH=8.2-8.45)
Type of the springs: Sodium and calcium chloride sulfate
Chemical used: None

Average dissolved solids: 427 Mg/L
Sodium - 184 Mg/L
Sulfate - 87 Mg/L
Chloride - 83 Mg/L
Silica - 47 Mg/L
Potassium - 11 Mg/L
Fluoride - 9.8 Mg/L
Calcium - 4.7 Mg/L

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Directions to Crystal Crane Hot Springs

From Burns,

  • Follow 25 miles southeast on Highway 78
  • The signboard will be on the left between miles 25 and 26.

Phone: 541-493-2312

Address: 59315 Highway 78, Burns, Oregon 97720