Bob Straub State Park

• Bob Straub State Park stands as a hidden gem, boasting a rich diversity of nature
• Visitors can explore the expansive beach, enchanting dunes, serene forest, and wetlands

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Bob Straub State Park is a hidden gem of Pacific City with its seclusion and diversity of nature, where you can explore the southern part of Kiwanda Beach, towering dunes, coastal pine forest, wetlands, and the river mouth entering the ocean. The park sits at the Nestucca River spit just a short drive south of Cape Kiwanda, south from the Pacific Avenue bridge crossing.

This area is quite different from the other parts of the Kiwanda Beach. It is much quieter and vegetated by low shore pine and grass on the dunes.

As you go down the spit, it narrows to a sandy point at the river's mouth. This small pointy beach is popular among harbor seals. Caution is advised near the Nestucca River mouth, as the water can be treacherous.

This is a day-use-only area. Parking is plentiful here, with restrooms and picnic tables near it.

There are plenty of outdoor adventures at this area.


Bob Straub State Park: History

The park underwent a significant ecological evolution in the 19th and 20th centuries. The catastrophic 1845 fire consumed 1.5 million acres of old-growth forest, displacing Native Americans to the Nestucca River spit. European settlers, faced with charred landscapes, introduced non-native plants to combat erosion. This helped to stabilize shifting sands, but as a result, the park is full of plants not typical for the region.

The park became a focal point of political conflict in the late 1960s. The signing of the Beach Bill in 1967 granted public access to all ocean beaches. Amidst discussions of rerouting Highway 101 over the spit, Governor Robert W. Straub led a successful campaign opposing the idea. This helped save the park for us to enjoy and commemorated the governor's actions.

Bob Straub State Park
Bob Straub State Park
Picnic Area
Bob Straub State Park
Path in the Dunes

Pacific City Lodging & Camping

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Headlands Coastal Lodge and Spa nearby provides luxury spa getaways.

If you prefer more simple accommodations in cabins or RVs, please check Hart's Camp Airstream Hotel & RV park, Webb County Campground, or Cape Kiwanda RV Park.

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Bob Straub State Park: Things to Do

Hiking and Horse Riding

There are four trails at the Bob Straub State Park, providing both pedestrians and equestrians with stunning views of the bay and ocean. Trails can be combined for a longer or a shorter trip.

Bay Trail - 2.3 miles one-way trail will take you through the inland part of the spit.

Dune Ridge Trail
- 0.5 miles one-way path will take you along the ocean through the dunes of the northern part of the park.

Marsh Trail - 1.1 miles one-way trail starts where Dune Ridge Trail ends. It will take you through the southern part of the park along the ocean all the way to the edge of the spit.

River Trail - 1.8 miles one-way path will take you along the Nestucca River.

Nature Viewing

The park is a blend of wetlands, dunes, and forests surrounded by the river, bay, and ocean. This ecosystem diversity creates the diversity of wildlife.

You can see various migratory birds, seals, coyotes, deer, and plenty of other animals.


The extensive mud flats surface during the low tide at the river side of the spit. At the park's northern end, you can find a few areas at the flats where you can angle for salmon right from the shore.

The lucky angler may even catch The Nestucca River's legendary 50-pound Chinook salmon.


The beach at the spit is a productive place for beachcombing enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of treasures such as seashells, sea glass, and driftwood. Since the shore is sandy, there are no great rockhounding opportunities here.

Bob Straub State Park | Facts

Open: Year-round for day-use
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: Restrooms, picnic tables
Activities: Beachcombing, hiking, horseback riding, fishing, & nature viewing

Day-use fees: Free for passenger vehicles; horse trailers must park in the county parking lot adjacent to the park with $10 parking fee

Bob Straub State Park is located:

  • 23 miles north of Lincoln City
  • 59 miles northwest of Salem.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Bob Straub State Park

From Pacific City,

  • Take Sunset Drive South.

The State Park parking area will be in front of you.

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