• Oceanside is a beach town situated right off the Three Capes Scenic Route
• Features a beautiful coastal line, secret beaches, and a cliff tunnel

Oceanside Recreation Area

Oceanside Beach

Oceanside Beach


Oceanside is located 9 miles west of Tillamook and 3 miles north of Netarts. Situated right off the Three Capes Scenic Route, this little beach paradise offers visitors opportunities to enjoy beauty of coastal nature, explore tide pools, hike to secret beaches through a cliff tunnel, and see the native habitat of wildlife including seabirds, sea lions, and migrating gray whales.

Three Arch Rocks Wildlife Refuge sits right off the Oceanside shore. Most town's accommodations provide a gorgeous views of the off-shore rocks and the Pacific Ocean. As views from the beach right to left the rocks are named Shag, Finley Rock and Storm Rock.

Under certain low tide conditions, you can get access to other beaches from Oceanside. At the northern end of the beach, there is a man-made tunnel through Maxwell Point which leads to the Tunnel Beach. It can be accessed during low tides. During stormy days the trip through the tunnel can become risky.

At the northern end of Tunnel Beach, there is a way to get to Agate Beach by walking around the point, but it can only be done at a minus or negative tide.

By following beaches to the north from the Oceanside beach you can eventually get to the Lost Boy Beach and the Short Beach through the Lost Boy Cave. It can only be accessed during a minus tide. Legend says that it was named after the local boy disappeared in this area. The story is believable considering that those are pretty secluded areas which are only accessible at very low tide and not accessible and unsafe in other conditions. If you decide to explore those areas, use common sense and make sure you do it at the correct tide and weather conditions.


Two brothers, J.H Rosenberg and H.H. Rosenberg purchased the land in 1921 from the original owner John W. Maxwell. Founders of the town Rosenbergs dreamed to build here one of the biggest and finest resorts on the Pacific Coast.

The town was officially named Oceanside on July 5, 1922, and this is when the construction began. The first building constructed was a big dancing hall, later turned into a skating rink. Two other buildings, the grocery store and Hillcrest Court were constructed in 1923. Later, Hillcrest Court became the Oceanside Inn. Once the wooden-plank road was constructed connecting Oceanside to Netarts, the town truly began its life.

Nowadays Oceanside is a fantastic destination on your Oregon Coast trip. You can just visit Oceanside Beach State Recreational Site and spend a few hours or a whole day on the ocean. The area offers plenty of parking and restrooms for visitors' convenience. You can also stay at any of the numerous local accommodations in the Oceanside and take your time to enjoy Oregon coast nature and wildlife. Plenty of other Oregon coast attractions such as Cape Meares Lighthouse and State Scenic Viewpoint are located in a short drive from the Oceanside and can be combined in one trip in order to get the most out of your coastal travel.

Adventures Nearby

From US 101 in Tillamook,

  • Take OR 31 west (3d Street) and head west 8.8 miles to Cape Meares Loop
  • Bear left onto Netarts Oceanside Highway and continue 0.2 miles to the parking area entrance on the left.

GPS: N 45°27.647' W 123°58.227' | 45.460778, -123.970444


  1. i lived in skating rink 1962 to 1964 trying to find pictures of building great memories

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