Winema Beach

• Winema Beach is a secluded coastal gem just a few miles away from Pacific City
• The beach is an ideal destination for beachcombing, surf fishing, and wildlife watching

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Winema Beach, also called Winema Road Beach, is a secluded sandy shore stretching one mile from the mouth of the Nestucca River on the north to the Neskowin Beach on the south, just a few miles away from Neskowin and Pacific City. The name "Winema" finds its roots in the Native American Modoc language, meaning "Woman Chief".

This hidden gem boasts unique features, including a small cave, a meandering stream originating from Daley Lake, and striking rock formations, including a domelike volcanic monolith. During low tide, the rocks become accessible, allowing visitors to stroll around and explore.

Winema Beach is an ideal destination for secluded beachcombing, offering excellent opportunities to discover sea glass, driftwood, and sand dollars.

Fishing enthusiasts will find the location favorable for surf fishing, particularly for redtail surfperch. Low tide is the best time to angle since the rip currents and pockets in the surf that hold fish are revealed. Make sure to pay attention to the tide levels and incoming waves.

The northern end of the beach, at the Nestucca River mouth, provides a remarkable setting for wildlife observation. Shorebirds, bald eagles, and harbor seals can be spotted in this area. However, it's essential to respect the wildlife and avoid its disturbance. Access to the northern end during high tide may be limited, as the narrow sandy channel may be submerged.

Make sure to explore this part of the beach when the tide recedes, do not get caught down by the incoming tides.

Winema Beach stands as a serene and diverse coastal retreat, inviting visitors to explore its natural wonders while maintaining a sense of tranquility and respect for the surrounding environment.

Winema Beach
Beach View
Winema Beach
Horse Riding
Winema Beach
Beach Cave
Winema Beach

How to Get to Winema Beach

Accessing Winema Beach may be a challenge as the entrance is lacking prominent signage. When driving on Highway 101 between Pacific City and Neskowin, keep a keen eye for the Winema Road sign on the west side of the road at milepost 94. A short, winding drive along Winema Road leads to a compact sand and gravel parking lot adjacent to the Winema Christian Camp. The parking area can host around six vehicles, but it's crucial to be aware that the neighboring area is private property. Please refrain from trespassing, respecting the boundaries of the designated parking space.

Unlike some other secret beaches of the Oregon Coast, the walk from the parking area to the shore is relatively easy.

Cautions: Beware of changing tides, rip currents, driftwoods, sneaker waves and never turn your back to the ocean.

Winema Beach: Camping, Lodging & Vacation Rentals

No camping is permitted at the beach. The nearest coastal towns, Neskowin and Pacific City offers plenty of accommodation options.

If you prefer more simple accommodations in cabins or RVs, please check Hart's Camp Airstream Hotel & RV park, Webb County Campground, or Cape Kiwanda RV Park.

Lodging in Neskowin

Affordable vacation rentals for short and long term stay at Neskowin

Lodging in Pacific City

Affordable vacation rentals for short and long term stay at Pacific City

Winema Beach | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: Vault toilet
Activities: Beachcombing, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, & nature viewing

Day-use fees: None

Winema Beach is located:

  • 4 miles north of Nescowin
  • 7 miles south of Pacific City
  • 94 miles southwest of Portland.

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Directions to Winema Beach

From Neskowin,

  • Take US-101 North for 3.4 miles
  • Turn left onto Winema Road and stay on it for 0.5 miles until you reach your destination.

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