Bog Hot Springs

Bog Hot Springs

Bog Hot Springs - Source

Bog Hot Springs

Bog Hot Springs - Soaking Area

In many ways, Bog Hot Springs is a delightful punctuation to the northern Nevada landscape, nestled between the Pueblo Mountains and Steens Mountain. Towards the southern Oregon border is the very heart of Nevada plains, rural and remote as most sage plains are.

You may have decided to drive to Sheldon Wildlife Refuge, and have no idea of any attraction points along the way. However, as you drive your way through the isolated desert plains, as you accept the absence of social amenities, and know that you are indeed alone, you come to a place that seems odd. What makes it odd, is the fact that you would not expect anything else but desert plains.

By your estimation, you already passed the Denio Junction and after about 10 miles turn right onto Bog Hot Road. You are now driving along the creeks in the Northern Nevada Basin, and you have already redefined what the term isolated meant to you previously.

By good luck, you might note an odd parking area, from a distance. Park your car and enjoy all the benefits of this odd hot springs spot. The temperatures of soaking pools may vary depending on the distance from the source.


Bog Hot Springs provides a golden eye to a very remote and isolated region. Courtesy of natural geology, the source water is at least 130 °F (54 °C) hot, and luckily, it helps keep the entire creek warm.

Unlike many typical hot springs, Bog Hot Springs are a stream flowing within a canal into an irrigation reservoir. The springs’ water will cool down significantly as it flows, before collecting in several pools with the sandy bottoms, where you can enjoy soaking with a convenient water temperature.

The largest pools are about 100 - 112 °F (38 – 44 °C). The pools have extremely clean water freshened constantly by a strong flow from the source.

There is no service around Bog Hot Springs. Despite the hot springs is a remote destination, the number of visitors to the springs have been on the rise.

Though the area is privately owned, the hot springs are open for free soaking.

Bog Hot Springs | General Description

Open: Year-round, 24 hours
Development: Undeveloped, no restroom & drinking water
Clothing: Optional
Services: None
Accommodations: RV or tent camping is allowed. Motel in Denio Junction - 14 miles east and in Fields - 39 miles north
Distance from the parking: Short
Road Access: Most passenger vehicles can make the trip
Day-use fees: None

Elevation: 4,250 ft (1,295 m)

Bog Hot Springs is located:

  • 16 miles west of Denio, NV
  • 36 miles south of Fields
  • 110 miles east of Lakeview
  • 272 miles southeast of Bend
  • 422 miles southeast of Portland/


From Fields, 

  • Travel south on OR 205 for 21.1 miles to the Oregon-Nevada border, and then for 2.9 miles via NV 292 to Denio Junction
  • Turn right onto NV 140 and follow about 9 miles to Bog Hot Road
  • Turn right on the unpaved Bog Hot Spring Road and drive 3.5 miles
  • After Bog Ranch and the reservoir, continue 0.7 miles, keep left for 0.2 miles to the parking area.

From Lakeview,

  • Travel north on US 395 for 5 miles to OR 140
  • Turn right onto OR 140 and continue east for about 65 miles the Oregon-Nevada border and then for 35.4 miles via NV 140 to Bog Hot Road
  • Turn left on the unpaved Bog Hot Spring Road and drive 3.5 miles
  • After Bog Ranch and the reservoir, continue 0.7 miles, keep left for 0.2 miles to the parking area.

GPS: N 41°55.300' W 118°48.053' | 41.921669, -118.800883

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