Dyke Hot Springs

• Dyke Hot Springs is a hot spring oasis at the northeastern edge of the Black Rock Desert
• Bathtubs for soaking are available in the middle of the stream

Dyke Hot Springs
Dyke Hot Springs
Soaking Tubs
Dyke Hot Springs
Pine Forest Range Hills
Dyke Hot Springs

A hot spring oasis, Dyke Hot Springs is located at the northeastern edge of the Black Rock Desert, 32 miles south of Denio (the Oregon-Nevada border) and 83 miles northwest of Winnemucca (Nevada).

Geothermal mineral water comes out of the hill from a few sources at a temperature over 170°F forming a hot stream. The stream flows downhill into the man-made pond. This pond and surrounding area is a home for a variety of wildlife including birds, frogs, and fish.

Bathtubs are placed on the wooden base in the middle of the hot stream and can be filled with water via a plastic pipe. Because the water is coming straight out of the source, it is too hot for soaking. To get the comfortable temperature just wait for it to cool down. Depending on the season, it generally takes from 30 to 60 minutes. After bathing, drain tubes to prevent bacteria and algae growth and clean it up.

Dyke Hot Springs doesn't get a high number of visitors, so you have a high chance to have this spot for yourself. It can be a perfect opportunity to relax in the mineral water while enjoying fantastic views of the Pine Forest Range and high desert. Overnight camping at this location is not prohibited.

The site is undeveloped and there are no services available at the Dyke Hot Springs. The closest place with any type of service is Denio Junctions located approximately 40 miles away to the north.

During dry times of the year, Dyke Hot Springs is accessible by all types of passenger vehicles by using the country road following along the Pine Forest Range. During winter it is better to use 4 wheel drive vehicle to access the hot springs.

There are no fees for using Dyke Hot Springs and it is open all year long.


Dyke Hot Springs | General Description

Open: Year-round
Managed: BLM
Location: Black Rock Desert

Development: Primitive
Services: None
Accommodations: Camping is not prohibited
Clothing: Optional

Distance from the parking: Short
Road access: Any vehicle when dry
Day-use fees: None
Popularity: Low

Elevation: 4,250 ft (1,295 m)

Dyke Hot Springs is located:

  • 30 miles south of Denio Junction
  • 54 miles south of Fields, OR
  • 78 miles northwest of Winnemucca, NV
  • 166 miles south of Burns, OR.

Water T° (source): 150-170°F (66-77°C)
Water T° (creek): 115°F (46°C)

Adventures Nearby

From Denio Junction,

  • Follow 25.2 miles to Duffurena Road (Big Creek Road)
  • Turn right (west) after milepost 41
  • Drive 6.8 miles to the intersection of Big Creek Road and Woodward Road
  • Turn left onto Woodward Road and continue 3.9 miles to the destination.

From Winnemucca,

  • Drive north on US 95 to US 140
  • Turn left (west) between milepost 40 and 41 (40.9)
  • Drive 6.8 miles to the intersection of Big Creek Road and Woodward Road
  • Turn left onto Woodward Road and continue 3.9 miles to the destination.

After you pass a ranch, just in 0.85 miles bear left on the folk, go 1 mile, and turn left to the hot springs.

GPS: N 41°34.050' W 118°34.036' | 41.567498, -118.56726

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