Cobble Beach - Oregon Coast

• Cobble Beach is one of many incredible natural Oregon wonders
• The shore is one of the richest tidepool zones on the Oregon Coast

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A part of the 100-acre Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, Cobble Beach is a small cove sheltered by basaltic headlands near Newport featuring a dramatic and beautiful intertidal area. Sitting right below the famous Yaquina Head, this site is a must-visit location to make your Oregon Coast experience complete.

Take a walk down a long stairway from the parking area and beach observation deck and enjoy the ancient ocean shore covered by polished round black rocks, a rare natural wonder of the Oregon Coast! The cobblestone beach was created roughly 14 million years ago as a result of the Columbia River basalt lava flow. Over the years, powerful erosion processes break down beachside cliffs releasing basalt cobbles. The cobblestones become smooth and polished from the constant tides and storms. When mighty waves come in during high tides, cobbles are moved and shifted creating a unique musical sound you can never confuse for anything else!

Cobble Beach has multiple sea stacks, offshore rocks, and islands that boast abundant wildlife including colonies of California mussels, seabirds, and harbor seals.

Pacific harbor seals reside here year-round and often haul out on nearby rocks. Migrating gray whales are visible from Yaquina Head observation decks in winters and springs.

Cobble Beach Oregon Coast
Pacific Harbor Seals

Because the beach is considered to be one of the best tidepool areas on the Oregon Coast, observing multiple tide pools here is a popular pastime during low tides. Gorgeous tidepools that are left by the ocean carry a colorful kaleidoscope of the marine world where you can find purple or ochre sea stars, green anemones, purple sea urchins, tidepool sculpins, and shore or hairy hermit crabs.

Cobble Beach as a part of Yaquina Head Marine Garden is a protected area dedicated to the conservation of marine life. Please, explore tidepools gently, and obey wildlife signs and all boundaries. All marine life and rocks are for exploring and photographing only and may not be collected or removed.

Take a walk up to Yaquina Head and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Pacific Ocean from the viewpoint. You can also enjoy the historic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, especially if you sign up for the tour to see it inside! Keep in mind that due to their popularity Yaquina Head and Cobble Beach can get crowded, especially on the weekends and during holidays.

Cobble Beach - Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
Cobble Beach
Cobble Beach Tidepools

Camping, Lodging & Vacation Rentals

There is no camping allowed at Cobble Beach. The closest campground is located 2 miles away at Beverly Beach State Park.

There are numerous lodging and vacation rentals nearby since the beach is just 2 miles north of Newport.

Lodging in Newport

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Know Before You Go

  • Cobble Beach is an area protected by federal law, please respect boundaries and wildlife
  • Pets are not allowed both for their safety and wildlife protection
  • The rugged rocky shore and round shifting cobbles are unstable and make walking difficult, so wear sturdy shoes
  • Be prepared to walk down and up the long stairway with 134 steps
  • Check the tide table before you go to the beach.

Cautions: Beware of changing tides, rip currents, driftwoods, sneaker waves and never turn your back to the ocean.

Cobble Beach - Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
Intertidal Area

Cobble Beach | Facts

Open: Year-round for day use
Managed by: Bureau of Land Management

Amenities: Interpretive Center, picnic area, and restrooms
Activities: Hiking, tidepool exploring, wildlife watching, and lighthouse tour

Day-use fees: Yes
Restrictions: No collecting; no drones and kites; keep your pet on a leash.

Cobble Beach is located:

  • 4 miles north of Newport
  • 82 miles west of Salem
  • 111 miles southwest of Portland.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Cobble Beach

From Newport,

  • Travel 4 miles north on Highway 101 to Lighthouse Drive and turn left to the Yaquina Head entrance.

Address: 750 NW Lighthouse Drive Newport OR

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