Yaquina Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast

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• Yaquina Head Lighthouse is the tallest and one of the oldest active lighthouse

The most striking attraction of the Central Oregon Coast, Yaquina Head Lighthouse sits within the boundaries of the 100-acre Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area (YHONA) two miles away from Newport. Oregon's tallest and oldest active lighthouse is positioned 162 feet above sea level on a basalt headland jutting about 1 mile out of the ocean guiding ships safely along the Oregon Coast.

This light station is, in fact, of European origin. It was made in Paris in 1868 and shipped from France to Oregon. Lighthouse's construction took one year and over 370,000 bricks. On August 20th, 1873, the 93-foot tall structure casted its first beam. At that time lamps worked on burned fish oil sending light from sunset to sunrise. Now, it is fully automated with powerful LED bulbs and a first Fresnel lens working 24 hours a day, flashing a sequence of two seconds on and two seconds off.

The lighthouse is open for tours where you learn its rich history, legends, and ghost stories.

It is easy to understand why this region is called “outstanding” when you behold the natural surroundings. The area around the lighthouse offers stunning 360-degree views of the rugged coastline and the boundless ocean.

A long stairway from the parking area and the observation deck leads to the Cobble Beach famous for its rich tidepools, abundant wildlife, and rare wave-tumbled cobblestones.

Also, the area includes an interpretive center and a few trails such as Quarry Cove, Salal Hill, and Lighthouse Trails.

Cobble Beach - Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area
Cobble Beach
Cobble Beach Oregon Coast
Pacific Harbor Seals
Cobble Beach Tidepools
Yaquina Head Lighthouse - Oregon Coast
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse | General Description

Open: Year-round for day use
Managed: BLM
Amenities: Interpretive Center, picnic area, and restrooms
Activities: Hiking, tidepool exploring, wildlife watching, and lighthouse tour

Day-use fees: Yes
Restrictions: No collecting; no drones and kites; keep your pet on a leash.
Usage: Moderate to high
Accommodations: Lodging in Newport

Yaquina Head Lighthouse is located:

  • 4 miles north of Newport
  • 82 miles west of Salem
  • 111 miles southwest of Portland.

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From Newport,

  • Travel 4 miles north on Highway 101 to Lighthouse Drive and turn left to the Yaquina Head entrance.

Phone: 541-574-3100

Address: 750 NW Lighthouse Drive Newport OR

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