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• Stonefield Beach is a secluded beautiful place offering excellent beachcombing

Stonefield Beach State Recreation Site is an isolated beach on the Central Oregon Coast at the mouth of Tenmile Creek located just 7 miles south of Yachats. Two segments of the beach are divided by the creek and have two public access points on the north and south sides of the highway bridge across Tenmile Creek. The beach is a great place for agate hunting, tide pool exploring, as well as whale watching. Whales migrates from Alaska south to Mexico between December and January and back to Alaska between March and May.

The northern part of the beach is a narrow rugged area extended 0.8 miles northward to Bray’s Point. The first 800 yards of the coastline are composed of cobbles, pebbles, gravel, and basalt rocks. Because the basalt ledges are within the surf area, the best time to go there is during low tides.

The northernmost access provides a larger parking area. A gravel pathway leads to an odd tunnel through thick bushes. Go through it and you will find yourself on the beautiful rocky beach offering excellent beachcombing and stunning vistas of the rugged shore landscape and the endless Pacific Ocean.

The southern beach is a quarter-mile sandy flat area with dunes.

The southern parking lot is smaller and if it is full, you can park on the north parking and use a trail running along the highway and across the bridge.

In the winter months, the south parking might be closed because storms and high tides bring sand and debris on the pathway but the beach itself remains open.

During winter months and high flows, the swollen Tenmile Creek becomes unsafe to cross.

Agate Hunting

The northern part of Stonefield Beach is an excellent spot for rock collecting and tide pool exploring. The best time to hunt for agates is between November and April when winter storms and king tides reveal hidden treasures. You can find agates including carnelian and sagenitic ones, jasper, petrified wood, shells, sea glass, and other cool rocks.

In winter, when top layers of sand are removed and more of the gravel is exposed, good material can be found on the southern beach as well.

Check Rules and Rockhounding Regulation for Oregon Coast and Oregon State Parks.

Note: A permit is required to collect vertebrate fossils.

Keep in mind, as a part of the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve and Marine Protected Areas, there are some restrictions. Fishing, taking any invertebrates, seaweeds, or wildlife is prohibited. To find out more check Oregon Marine Reserves Harvest Restrictions.

Cautions: Practice beach safety while near the ocean. Beware of changing tides, rip currents, driftwoods, sneaker waves and never turn your back to the ocean.

Stonefield Beach - Oregon Coast Trail
Beach Trail
Tenmile Creek Bridge
Tenmile Creek Bridge
Stonefield Beach Trail
Stonefield Beach Trail
Stonefield Beach

Stonefield Beach | General Description

Open: Year-round from 6 am to 9 pm
Managed: Oregon State Park

Services: None
Activities: Hiking, tide pools exploring, rock collecting

Day-use fees: None
Usage: Low to Moderate
Accommodations: Lodging in Florence and Yachats

Stonefield Beach is located:

  • 7 miles south of Yachats
  • 18 miles north of Florence
  • 79 miles west of Eugene.


From Yachats,

  • Follow 7 miles south on Highway 101 to the Tenmile Creek's bridge at milepost 171
  • Park your car either before or after the bridge on the right.

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Attention Fellow Beachgoers

Unfortunately, our beautiful Pacific North West beaches are stained with trash, especially plastic. We, at Oregon Discovery, as well as other unaffiliated groups of nature lovers made a commitment to do our part in keeping our beaches clean, but we need your help too!

Every time you go out to enjoy nature at your favorite spot, please bring a garbage bag or two and help us pick up garbage. Even picking up a little bit here and there will make a huge difference long term.

Please, help us save our beautiful nature for the generations to come!

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