• A little town with miles of enchanting beaches and old-growth coastal rainforest
• The most visited site near Yachats is the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area





Nestled between the Cascade Range and the Pacific Ocean, Yachats is a little coastal community in Lincoln County. The town offers miles of enchanting beaches and old-growth rainforest, adjusted to the rocky coastline.

The area has a mild climate accompanied with temperatures averaging 60 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and 45 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. This makes any activities in and around the area great at any time of year. In 2007, Budget Travel Magazine named the city one of the "Ten Coolest Small Towns of the U.S."

The name of the city is derived from the Alsea language that means “dark water at the mountain foot”. For many centuries, Native Americans lived in this area as hunter-gatherers, seasonally migrating between the summer camps and the winter residences.

A resort town of Yachats with a population of 700 people is an excellent getaway on the Oregon Coast near the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

Things to Do & See

Yachats is a beautiful place to visit, relax, hike, explore, enjoy the sounds and sights of the ocean. At low tide, tidepools are everywhere along the rocky shoreline. Discover exotic marine creatures including sea stars, urchins, chitons, sea stars, anemones, and saltwater algae. Please do not remove them.

Yachats Tide Pools
Yachats Tide Pools

Be sure to check the tide tables before your trip to the ocean. When you are on the beach, never turn your back on the ocean.

Whale-watching is one of the most popular activities year-round as the Oregon Coast is filled with these majestic creatures. Watch the gray whale migration twice a year, in winter and spring.

The most visited site near Yachats is the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. You can hike from Yachats or just drive to enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Head to the top of the Cape Perpetua and experience stunning ocean views of the coastline and ocean. Visit a narrow channel Devil's Churn, Spouting Horn at Cook's Chasm, and Thor's Well.

Hike along the shoreline trails and see surf and rock splendor. There are also rainforest trails with leafy and fresh soil scents near the beach.


Cape Perpetua Shelter

A unique landmark, Cape Perpetua Shelter is the best spot to see 70 miles of coastline and 37 miles out to sea on a clear day.


Spouting Horn and Thor's Well at Cook's Chasm

Seawater fountains, driven by the ocean power, and acting like a geyser.


Devil's Churn

A narrow shoreline channel, located south of Yachats. Over long periods of time, tides and powerful waves created a deep fissure in a basalt shoreline.


Cape Perpetua West Shelter
Cape Perpetua West Shelter
Cape Perpetua - Thors Well
Thor's Well at Cape Perpetua

Smelt Sands State Recreation Site

Smelt Sands State Recreation Site is located a mile north of Yachats. The excellent whale watching and viewpoint for taking pictures. Walk the historic 0.75 miles one-way 804 Trail. The park is known for its tide pools, breathtaking sunsets, and rock fishing. Smelt Sands State Recreation Site is one of the northwest beaches in Yachats, where previously, smelt came ashore to spawn. Unfortunately, the silver ocean gem disappeared from this area.

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Yachats State Recreation Area

The mouth of the Yachats River

For Yachats State Recreation Area, turn west onto 2nd Street. The road makes a beach loop, offering a breathtaking view of the Yachats River as it meets the Pacific Ocean. This destination is a great place for whale watching, tide pools researching, rock and salmon fishing.

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Neptune State Park

Neptune State Park is located three miles south of Yachats at foot of Cape Perpetua. You can watch for whales, see a variety of birds, and sea lions. The creek is also a great place to look for agates. At low tide, you can walk to the south to see a natural cave and tide pools.

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Strawberry Hills

Located a few miles farther south, the spot has excellent views of the ocean, great tide pools, and sandy beaches. Sometimes harbor seals can be seen on the rocks just offshore.

Bob Creek

This location offers beach access and agate hunting.

Yachats | Facts

Region: Central Oregon Coast • USA
County: Lincoln
Founded: 1892
Incorporated: 1967
Population (2015): 706
Area: 0.92 mile2 (2.38 km2)
Elevation:  45 ft (13.7 м)

Average Winter T°: 45.5°F (7.5°C)
Average Summer T°: 60°F (16°C)

Festival & Events

Yachats Agate Festival is held on the second weekend of January

Yachats La De Da Parade - Independence Day festival and fireworks show

Yachats Music Festival is held in July, the weekend after July first

Yachats Village Mushrooms Fest takes place on the third weekend of October

Yachats Celtic Music Festival is held on the second weekend of November.

Directions to Yachats

Oregon Coast Highway 101, between milepost 163 and 165.5.

Points of Interest Nearby

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