Umpqua River Lighthouse

• Umpqua Lighthouse is an active lighthouse with its unique history
• One of a few Oregon's lighthouses where visitors can get inside

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Umpqua River Lighthouse is one of the 11 unique Oregon coast lighthouses. The original building was the very first lighthouse constructed on the Oregon coast and currently, it is one of the few lighthouses where visitors can get inside. You can climb to the top of the tower and see the unique mechanism, lens, and interior of the light firsthand. The lens is fully functional and emits beautiful red and white lights during the night.

Umpqua River Lighthouse sits in Umpqua Lighthouse State Park near Reedsport at the mouth of the Umpqua River. This is a fantastic place to visit to learn the unique history of the Oregon coast and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities provided by the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park and the surrounding area.

The lighthouse we see nowadays is a second Umpqua River Light. The very first one was built in 1855 and lit in 1857. The original light was highly vulnerable to flooding-related erosion. The light was in service for just 6 years until October 1863 when the lighthouse collapsed due to the weakened foundation.

It took until 1888 for Congress to approve the construction of a new light. Work started in 1892 and the light was first lit in 1894. Interestingly, Umpqua River Lighthouse was built via the same blueprints Heceta Head Light was built and those two lights are practically identical.

The light is 61 feet high and towers 100 feet above the river. It uses the Fresnel lens as a standard for such a lighthouse and it became automated in 1966. The light is visible for 21 nautical miles (24 land miles) into the sea. In 1977 Umpqua River Lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In addition to visiting the lighthouse itself, you can also stop by the Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum located inside the historic U.S. Coast Guard station. Here you can see various exhibits and learn about the history of the lighthouse, U.S. Coast Guard history on the Umpqua River as well as the general history of the area.

The light is located 0.5 miles from the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, but you can park right near the lighthouse making it one of the most accessible on the Oregon coast. This area gives you an amazing view of the ocean, beach, and the surrounding greenery of the Oregon coast. The park sits along the picturesque Lake Marie and has multiple camping spots as well as other amenities like restrooms, picnic tables, and showers.

Umpqua River Lighthouse
Whale watching station
Umpqua River Lighthouse
Umpqua Lighthouse Museum
Umpqua River Lighthouse Museum
Umpqua Lighthouse Museum
Umpqua River Lighthouse
Umpqua River Lighthouse

Umpqua River Lighthouse | Facts

Tower Height: 61 feet (19 m)
Focal Height: 160 ft (50 m)
Built: 1855
Operation: Still in service, automated in 1966

Location: Umpqua Lighthouse State Park
Open: May through September from 10 am to 4 pm

Accomodations: Lodging in Coos Bay

Coquille River Lighthouse is located:

  • 23 miles north of Coos Bay
  • 88 miles southwest of Eugene.

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Directions to Umpqua River Lighthouse

From Highway 101 in Coos Bay,

  • Drive north on Highway 101 from Coos Bay for 21.7 miles
  • Turn left on Lighthouse Rd and keep right after 0.1 miles
  • Follow Lighthouse Rd for another 0.7 miles until you reach the lighthouse.

Address: 1020 Lighthouse Rd, Winchester Bay, Oregon 97467

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