Arch Cape Beach

• Arch Cape Beach features a lava cobble bar running parallel to the sand
• Unique Arch Rock formation has an arch-shaped portal you can walk through

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Arch Cape Beach is a picturesque stretch of coastline in the unincorporated community of Arch Cape just a few miles south of Cannon Beach. Here you can enjoy the stunning natural beauty along with plenty of outdoor activities. Unlike the Cannon Beach area, Arch Cape tends to be less crowded and more secluded.

Sandy shore of the beach extends for a bit over a mile from Point Meriwether at Hug Point State Park to the Arch Cape. The cape itself is a unique landmark. It is a triangularly shaped sea stack sitting right off the beach. During low tide, you can walk to this unique rock formation and pass under an arch-shaped portal that gave the name to this monolith.

Low tides also open foot access to Cove Beach so you can have an extended beach hike while enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Make sure to time your walk with tide levels so you would not get cut out.

The beach has an extended high bar of lava cobbles running parallel to the sand. This is a remnant of volcanic activity in the region. When waves are running toward the bar and shift cobbles, it creates a clicking sound so some refer to this place as "Magic Rocks Beach".

The bar can be a great place for rockhounding, especially after winter storms. Beachcombing is a productive activity as well with a variety of driftwood, shells, and sea glass scattered across the sand and cobble.

Three are three main access points to the beach. The southern one at Leech Lane has the most parking spots. West Ocean Lane and Pacific Road south of Donlon Street have enough space for just a few vehicles.

Arch Cape Beach
Beach View

Arch Cape Beach | General Description

Open: Year-round for day-use
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: None
Activities: Beachcombing, hiking, & nature viewing

Day-use fees: None
Usage: Low

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Arch Cape is located:

  • 35 miles north of Tillamook
  • 84 miles northwest of Portland.

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Directions to Arch Cape Beach

From downtown Arch Cape,

    • Take Highway 101 South toward Cedar Lane for 1 mile
    • Turn right onto Leech Ln
    • You destination will be in front of you.

Leech Lane has the biggest parking area compared to other 2 access points

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