Blumenthal Falls - Oswald West State Park

• Blumenthal Falls is a multi-tier waterfall that cascades directly into the Pacific Ocean

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Blumenthal Falls is a small waterfall cascading on the beach during low tides and directly into the ocean when tides are high! It is one of the few waterfalls in the Northwest that you can see dropping into the Pacific without needing a boat.

This beautiful 60-foot multi-tier waterfall is located at the northern end of Short Sand Beach at Oswald West State Park and requires some hiking to get to.

While visiting Blumenthal Falls, you can enjoy the tidepools with starfish, anemones, crabs, urchins, and other ocean life!

The best time to see Blumenthal Falls is in winter during low tide. The area is full of water at the high tide, and you can only see the face of the waterfall if you make your way on the rocks, which isn't safe. During dry months water flow is low, and you can't see the full power of the falls.

The area is full of hiking trails, including part of the Oregon Coast Trail.

No camping is permitted at the beach. Check camping and lodging opportunities near the Oswald West State Park.

How To Get To The Blumenthal Falls

The best way to get to the falls is to start at the southern parking lot of Oswald West State Park. Multiple trails lead to the beach and the waterfall.

One of the trails can lead you to the higher tier of the waterfall. There are ropes tied to the top, but descending the falls this way is risky and, therefore, not recommended.

However, the shortest and easy  0.3-mile trail runs along Necarney Creek, bringing you to the picnic area with a stunning beach and ocean vista. Once you get to the beach, you should hike another 0.4 miles north to the waterfall.

Blumenthal Falls
Path to the Waterfall
Short Sand Beach - Oswald West State Park
Short Sand Beach
Oswald West State Park
Park Trail

History Of The Name

Blumenthal Falls, previously known as Smugglers Cove Falls, underwent a name change due to a tragic incident that happened in 1999. Dan Blumenthal, a state parks ranger, was lethally shot in the head at Oswald West State Park campground. The attack was seemingly unplanned and happened for no apparent reason.

Dan Blumenthal became the first Oregon State Parks ranger to be killed on duty. In honor of his memory and service, the waterfall was renamed Blumenthal Falls. The unfortunate incident also left his partner, John "Jack" Kerwin, critically wounded but survived. Nearby Kerwin Creek was named after him.

Blumenthal Falls | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: Restrooms and picnic tables
Activities: Hiking, nature viewing, picnicing and tidepool exploring

Distance from the parking: 0.7 miles
Road access: Any passenger vehicle
Day-use fees: Free

Blumenthal Falls is located:

  • 4 miles north of Manzanita
  • 90 miles west of Portland
  • 100 miles northwest of Salem.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Blumenthal Falls

From Manzanita,

  • Drive 4 miles north on Highway 101 to the south parking area on the left (west).

Hike on the beach to the bottom of the waterfall, or walk the trail to the upper tier.

Oswald West State Park South Parking Area - Get Google Map Directions

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