Easterday Hot Springs | Lucky Seven Hot Springs – Eastern Oregon

Easterday Hot Springs

Easterday Hot Springs

Easterday Hot Springs

Easterday Hot Springs

Easterday Hot Springs

Nestled in the high desert of the southeastern part of Oregon, Easterday Hot Springs is known as McDermitt Hot Springs. Also, this site is called Lucky Seven Hot Springs by local residents, after Lucky Seven Ranch, located nearby.

Easterday Hot Springs is not widely known and certainly not frequent. On the Google Map, the hot springs look like a creek, winding over 2 miles south through the sagebrush desert and ranches. Basically, these unique thermal waters consist of the numerous steamy sources emerging at 125°F from numerous spots near the Hot Spring Hills. One of the largest outflow (264 gallons per minute) rushes into a ditch, forms a brook which runs far until it disappears behind protruding vegetation. Many other springs flow west downhill.


The water cools quickly while flowing through the channel and becomes comfortable for soaking further out of the source. Explore the creek and find your place. Some spots are wide and shallow. There are previously built well-defined pools that can hold a few people. Also, some digging or constructing a dam may be helpful in building your own pool.

Though Easterday Hot Springs are not very popular now, it was used for centuries. The remains of the hot springs resort that burned down a long time ago are a vivid reminder of another better time. The rusting ruins of the soaking tub and masonry are seen near the place where the hot springs come up.

You can camp here but no services are available at the hot springs. Please clean up after yourself and leave no trace when visiting the site.

General Description

Access allowed: 365 days a year
Development: Undeveloped
Clothing: Optional
No services are available
Accommodations: Camping is allowed
Distance from the parking: Short
Day-use fees: None

Easterday Hot Springs are located:

  • 8 miles northwest of McDermitt, Nevada
  • 146 miles southeast of Burns
  • 427 miles southeast of Portland.

Elevation: 4,535 ft (1,382 m)

GPS: N 42°04.859' W 117°45.619' / 42.081, -117.763

Water Properties

Water T° (source): 125°F (51°C)


  • From US-95, between mileposts 117 and 118 (51 miles south of US-95/OR-78 junction or 4.5 miles north of McDermitt) turn west onto Easterday Road (Hot Springs Road)
  • Drive 1.2 miles
  • Bear right, just before a ranch, and continue 0.3 miles to the gate
  • Open and close the gate, then continue 0.3 miles to the fork
  • Go 1.2 miles straight (do not bear right) on a dirt McDermitt Road to the hot springs source.

After heavy rain, roads can be wet and muddy. High-clearance vehicles are recommended.

Navigation Link**

"Geothermal Information Layer for Oregon". www.oregongeology.org

Weather Forecast

Partly Cloudy
01/08 0%
Partly Cloudy
High 43° / Low 33°
Mostly Cloudy
01/09 10%
Mostly Cloudy
High 43° / Low 27°
01/10 10%
High 40° / Low 22°
Partly Cloudy
01/11 0%
Partly Cloudy
High 38° / Low 20°
01/12 0%
High 37° / Low 18°

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