Polka Dot Agate Mine

• Polka Dot Agate Mine is famous agate beds that produce agates with polka-dot patterns
• Canyon Rim Thunderegg Bed is open to the public for digging

Polka Dot Agate Mine
Polka Dot Agates
Polka Dot Agate Mine
Seam agates
Canyon Rim Thunderegg Bed
Thunderegg Bed
Polka Dot Agate
Polka Dot Agate

Located in the Central Oregon desert near the ghost-town of Ashwood, Priday Polka Dot Agate Beds produce beautiful orbicular agates featuring round dots of various colors.

The translucent agate as its name suggested has a polka-dot pattern. The dots are sharp or spherical and vary in size and color. The size ranges from slightly visible to 1/4 of an inch. The specimens may have white, pale beige, or blue base colors with red, orange, brown, or black inclusions.

The agate pit is situated in the scenic canyon just below the mine shop showing the colorful seams. Mine tunnels of Native Americans are partially seen on the right side of the hill as the evidence of early quarry operations dated back to the first centuries A.D. One of the first Polka-Dot miners, Indians used agate to make sharp tools such as spears, knives, and arrowheads.

Five percent of the mine’s materials, named "Blue Ice" or "Blue Ice Ocean", is light-blue translucent agate featuring brown and orange dots. Some specimens have dark dendrites and red to brown jasper bands. Blue Ice is considered to be a high grade based on its quality. Polka Dot agates are cut and polished into beautiful decorative pieces making them desirable lapidary materials.

Typically, the mine is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day but it's subject to change. If the gate near the white trailer with multicolored dots is closed, it means they are closed for the day. We recommend you to contact the mine before visiting.

Now the agate bed is closed to public digging due to safety concerns but you can walk to the canyon bottom and enjoy multicolored agate veins in the hill.

The mine shop offers a wide range of materials including Polka Dot agate, picture jasper, thundereggs, and green jasper from other mines operated by West Coast Mining.

Recently, a thunderegg deposit that produces large and interesting specimens was discovered nearby. Located 250 yards west of the office, Canyon Rim Thunderegg Bed is open to the public for digging.

Bring geology pick, shovel, gad, and chisel for thunderegg digging.

Polka Dot Agate Mine | General Description

Open: From Labor Day to Memorial Day
Managed: West Coast Mining
Location: Near Ashwood

Rocks & Minerals: Polka-dot agate, thunder eggs
Tools: Rock hammer, shovel, gad, and chisel

Services: Rock shop
Accommodations: No camping available on the site

Distance from the parking: Short
Road access: Any vehicle
Fees: For pricing, contact West Coast Mining
Popularity: Moderate

Elevation: 2,980 ft (908 m)

Polka Dot Agate Mine is located:

  • 25 miles northeast of Madras
  • 68 miles northeast of Bend
  • 141 miles southeast of Portland.

From Madras,

  • Take Highway US-97 and travel 14.7 miles northeast to Pony Butte Road
  • Turn right onto Pony Butte Road and follow 9 miles west to the gate at the big polka-dot trailer
  • If the gate is open, turn right on the dirt road and continue 0.5 miles to the mine office.

Phone: 509-522-4851

GPS: N 44°45.521' W 120°49.819' | 44.758683, -120.830317

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