Kyle Hot Springs
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• Kyle Hot Springs is a hidden oasis in the lonely desert of Northern Nevada
• Numerous steamy springs found throughout the salty hill

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Kyle Hot Springs is a hidden gem in the lonely desert of Northern Nevada. Over a hundred years ago, it was a popular hot springs resort. Now abandoned with ruins as a vivid reminder of the prosperous past, the hot springs still provide a great bathing opportunity in the secluded area of the Buena Vista Canyon near the ghost town of Unionville. The remnants of the hot springs resort are still present here for you to get connected to the history of this place.

The hot springs consist of numerous steamy springs found throughout the salty hill. The main spring comes out at about 150°F. The local residents built a concrete pool and fence around the source to keep cows out of the dangerous area.

The very hot flow gets transferred from the main source via plastic pipes into a few bathtubs located down the hill. Because the thermal water comes out directly from the springs, this is very hot. Before bathing, check the temperature and wait for the water to cool down. After soaking, empty and clean your tub, and then fill half of the tub letting next visitors to reduce the wait time and enjoy mineral water once they arrive.

There is a round-shaped 3 feet deep cement pool just a few yards away. The pool is big enough to accommodate four to six people. Depending on the weather conditions, the temperature can be between 85 and 100°F. It can be adjusted by adding hot water from the pipes.

Kyle Hot Springs
Resort Ruins
Kyle Hot Springs
Large Tub
Kyle Hot Springs
Kyle Hot Springs
Large Tub

The geothermal water has a strong smell of sulfur.

Camping is not prohibited at Kyle Hot Springs, but do not camp near the hot springs. Lodging can be found in Winnemucca, 56 miles northeast. Developed campgrounds are located 50 miles west at the Rye Patch Reservoir.

Please keep this place clean, pack out all your trash. If you have an extra bag, pick the trash that others have left.


Kyle Hot Springs | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed by: Private Property

Development: Primitive
Amenities: None
Clothing: Optional

Distance from parking: Short
Road Access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: None
Popularity: Low

Accommodations: Camping is not prohibited

Lodging in Winnemucca, NV

Elevation: 4,500 ft (1,372 m)

Kyle Hot Springs is located:

  • 56 miles southwest of Winnemucca, NV
  • 267 miles southeast of Lakeview, OR
  • 407 miles southeast of Bend, OR.

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Directions to Kyle Hot Springs

From Winnemucca,

  • Travel 29 miles west on I-80
  • Take exit 149 for Highway NV-400
  • Follow 17 miles south on NV-400 to Unionville Road (Kyle Hot Springs Road)
  • Turn left onto Unionville Road and drive 9.6 miles to a fork
  • Bear left and continue 1 mile to Kyle Hot Springs.


GPS: N 40°24.411' W 117°53.062' | 40.406850, -117.884367

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  1. I went to Kyle Hot Springs in June, 2022. It was easy to find and to access. The first thing I noticed was pieces of glass all over the ground there. It looks like people hang out and drink beer and then chunk their bottles on the rocks. There is also rusty nails and small pices of rusted wire. Do not go barefoot here and don’t park far off the gravel road. The next thing I noticed was a camel cricket infestation. They are everywhere. Then I went to the source and smelled the stench of the water. This was NOT sulphur. It smelled like literal cow shit. There was a yucky white film on the source pond and also on the rock soaking pool. I tried to soak and relax but the camel crickets were attacking the smaller on and eating their own. Between the stench of the water and the camel crickets I felt traumatized for days after going there. Not recommended, sadly.

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