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• Medford started as a train station in the backcountry but became 4th largest metro area in Oregon
• Ancient volcanic flows surround the town, creating a scenic place for outdoor adventures

Medford is a historic city 27 miles north of the California border. Its population is around 78,500 people, while the metro area is approximately 208,500, making it the 4th largest metropolitan in Oregon.

Medford is surrounded by ancient volcanic flows, best identified by the Upper and Lower Table Rock basaltic formations and the nearby Crater Lake.

Crater Lake is what remained from Mount Mazama, destroyed by a massive eruption around 5677 BC. That cataclysm reduced Mazama's 12,000-foot height by almost half. Crater Lake National Park is a popular tourist destination easily accessible from Medford.

Despite the elevation of 1,382 feet above sea level, the city enjoys a comfortable Mediterranean climate, with the rain shadow between the Cascade Range and the Siskiyou Mountains ensuring fewer rainfalls compared to the Willamette Valley.

The city enjoys four defined seasons throughout the year, with summers similar to those of Eastern Oregon and winters similar to those of the Oregon coast.


The economy of contemporary Medford is predominantly driven by the healthcare sector, with Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center and Providence Medford Medical Center being among the biggest employers in the area.

The city is also a major transportation junction responsible for over 200 miles of roads in its territory, including Interstate 5 and Oregon Routes 99, 238, and 62.

Additionally, the city is home to the Rogue Valley International – Medford Airport (IATA code: MFR), Oregon's 3rd busiest airport after Portland International and Eugene.

Downtown Medford


Downtown Medford

Brief History

Medford exists thanks to the railroad construction. The Oregon and California Railroad bypassed the then county seat Jacksonville, establishing a new settlement around the railroad depot in the Rogue Valley.

The settlement was named after Medford, Massachusetts, in 1883. David Loring, one of the engineers involved in the railroad construction, suggested the name. The idea came from the town of Medford near his hometown of Concord.

The government established a post office once the railroad reached the town. On February 24, 1885, the governor incorporated Medford. In 1927, the city became the county seat, replacing Jacksonville in this role.

In 1967, the construction of Interstate 5 was completed. The freeway was passing through Medford, which unexpectedly resulted in the deterioration of the city downtown.

Studies conducted in 1999 showed that residents living in the north and south of the city, when commuting to the south and north, used I-5, thus completely bypassing downtown. That partially contributed to the decline of the downtown and small businesses there.

Medford dedicated significant public and private resources to revive the downtown area, restore several underutilized properties, realign streets, and install new sidewalks, traffic signals, and bicycle lanes.

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Medford - Things to Do & See

Medford is a city of captivating history, rich culture, and beautiful southern Oregon nature. There are plenty of adventures to have for everyone! Here, you can climb Table Rocks in the morning, visit the Railroad Museum in the afternoon, and stop by a local winery in the evening, all in one day!

Medford Railroad Park

The Medford Railroad Park is a seven-acre outdoor train museum showcasing the history of the railroad, which is intertwined with the city's history. The park boasts open-air model railroad tracks with full-size locomotives and cabooses, as well as miniature train rides that take you around the park. The park holds annual shows, and you can even book the pavilion for an event.

799 Berrydale Ave, Medford, OR 97501
Phone: 541-774-2400

The Children's Museum of Southern Oregon

The museum sits in the heart of downtown Medford. It is designed for children up to the age of ten and features several themed play areas, such as the Discovery Farm, Art Alley, Treasure Cove, and Treehouse. This family-friendly center is open seven days a week.

413 W Main St, Medford, OR 97501
Phone: 541-772-9922

Table Rocks

Table RocksTable Rocks are the two most distinguished Rogue River Valley volcanic formations on the north bank of the Rogue River, just a short drive from Medford.

The unique vertical walls are created by heavy basalt collapsing under its own weight. This is one of THE BEST places in southern Oregon for hiking and nature viewing.


Applegate River

Applegate River SwimmingApplegate River is a tributary of the Rogue River, originating in northern California's Siskiyou Mountains. The river collects spring water and snow melt in the mountains and flows northward, crossing the Oregon border.

The river has numerous swimming holes, including well-developed and small secluded spots. It warms up nicely during summer for a comfortable swim.


Applegate Lake

Applegate LakeApplegate Lake is a scenic place with plenty of outdoor adventures in beautiful southern Oregon nature. The lake is fantastic for swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and other water activities. At the same time, the surrounding area is a paradise for camping, hiking, biking, picnicking, and just getting away from your daily routine.



Jacksonville, Southern OregonJacksonville is a museum of a city and "a snapshot from southern Oregon's past." The whole city is a U.S. National Historic Landmark, with numerous yearly events to commemorate the city's history and culture.

It sits in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains in the so-called "banana belt" of the Pacific Northwest, known for its moderate climate and distinctive seasons.


Agate Lake

Agate Lake Oregon

A popular 216-acre recreation area is a paradise for many outdoor activities.

Here, you can enjoy boating, fishing, picnicking and more!


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