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Lithia Springs

Lithia Springs

Lithia Springs

Lithia Springs

Lithia Springs

Located just 3 miles outside of the Ashland downtown, the Lithia Springs Resort provides an unforgettable experience with a touch of luxury in tranquil and beautiful surroundings. The resort offers an outdoor swimming in the mineral pool and soaking in the hot tub. As well most suites and cottages contain whirlpool tubs that can be filled with chemical-free mineral water.


At the core of southern Oregon, is the harmonious rhythm of Lithia Springs Resort. Among the most significant hot springs in Oregon, Lithia is quickly building a celebrity status, and for a good reason.

B to Southern Pacific Railroad flyer from 1915,

"Ashland is noted for three things - beautiful environment, matchless climate, and wonderful mineral springs. There are over forty known mineral springs in and about the city. They are classed as Lithia, Soda and Sulphur Springs. The Lithia and Soda waters are heavily charged with natural carbonic acid gas... ".

Thousands of years before the first European immigrants arrived in America, Native Americans had already discovered and used the unique healing qualities of mineral hot springs of Southern Oregon. In acknowledgment and appreciation, hot springs have been declared as "Common Grounds," culturally and spiritually dear to all the local tribes.

The hot springs are always described in a soothing narrative of Legends, courtesy of their history among Native Americans, to whom the land is sacred. This explains why Lithia Hot Springs have gradually become a preferential destination in southern Oregon, and now offers much more than a simple series of outdoor sceneries.

The Lithia Springs Resort was established in 1991 and after renovation with modern decor, reopened in 2012. Now, the guest rooms are almost always fully booked, regardless of seasons, and meeting several families splashing in outdoor pools or a couple relaxing in a Jacuzzi, has become a common occurrence. The mineral-rich waters of Lithia naturally warmed and softened, are refined with an air of luxury. Even more notable is how the hot springs are embalmed by the tranquil serenity of a calm desert climate to mold an attraction that eliminates the barriers of time or season. Having somebody walk out of a spa at the dead of the night is not a common sight anywhere else in the world, except in Lithia.

The resorts and spas, lodges and guesthouses, and similar recreation spots now dominate what was previously an outskirt region of Ashland. The region now offers perhaps the most exclusive luxury only known to royalties, by adding tearooms, fireplaces, libraries, buffet assemblies, swimming pools, and family outing facilities, to a hot spring environment. Lithia is, without question, one of the most significant hot springs in Oregon. The free Wi-Fi connections are available, as well as many modern high-end technologies, but perhaps what makes studies, bungalows, and suites in Lithia so overwhelming, is being a developed button of modernity in southern Oregon area.

General Description

Access allowed: Year-round
Development: Resort, outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, whirlpool tubs in each guest room
Clothing: Required in the outdoor pool
Service: Hot breakfast buffet, spa, library
Accommodations: Bungalows, suites, studios, and rooms
Distance from the parking: Short
Day-use fees: For resort guests only
Elevation: 1,800 ft (549 m)
GPS coordinates: 42.2205,-122.7452

Lithia Springs Resort is located:

  • 3 miles northeast of Ashland
  • 11 miles southeast of Medford
  • 178 miles south of Eugene
  • 239 miles southeast of Salem
  • 284 miles south of Portland.

Address: 2165 W Jackson Rd, Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 800-482-7128

Water Properties

Water T° (pool): 97°F (36°C) - 103°F (39°C)
Water T° (source): 90°F (32°C)
Water acidity level: Alkaline (pH=9.71)
Type of Spring: Sulfate Sodium Chloride
Chemical used: Chlorine is used for outdoor public pools; mineral water in the rooms is not treated with any chemicals
Average dissolved solids: 292 Mg/L

Sodium - 77.8 Mg/L
Chloride - 71 Mg/L
Sulfate - 27 Mg/L
Calcium - 12 Mg/L
Nitrate - 10 Mg/L
Fluoride - 2 Mg/L
Cooper - 1 Mg/L

Directions to Lithia Springs Resort

From I-5 North, take exit 19 toward Ashland, turn right and drive on S Valley View Road, then continue onto to W Jackson Road. The destination is on the right. Jackson Wellsprings is nearby.

Weather Forecast

Partly Cloudy
12/08 0%
Partly Cloudy
High 56° / Low 35°
Chance of Rain
12/09 60%
Chance of Rain
High 49° / Low 37°
Partly Cloudy
12/10 20%
Partly Cloudy
High 46° / Low 30°
Mostly Cloudy
12/11 20%
Mostly Cloudy
High 46° / Low 34°
Partly Cloudy
12/12 20%
Partly Cloudy
High 45° / Low 27°

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