Secret Beach

• Secret Beach is one of the most picture-perfect beaches of the South Coast
• It can be challenging for some people to get to and requires some climbing

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One of the most picture-perfect beaches in southern Oregon, Secret Beach sits 12 miles north of Brookings and 16 miles south of Gold Beach. It is located at the northern edge of Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor and combines various aspects of the stunning Pacific Northwest scenery.

The cliffs sculpted by the ocean's waves surround this 200-yard-long sandy shore. Here, you will see a beautiful Pacific Ocean panorama with impressive tree-topped sea stacks just off the beach.

Minor Creek spills over, creating a picturesque little waterfall dropping right onto the sand. You can visit the beach at any tide level, but at the low tide, you can explore a small cove where Wridge Creek flows into the ocean. The gap between rock escarpments opens up on the beach's southern end, so you can pass through it ans explore a secluded beach with numerous pools. Please, beware of changing tides.

Rockhounding is not very productive here, especially in summertime. While you can find agates and other minerals, those are scarce. You might have better luck in winter because storms move the mass of sand around.

How To Get To Secret Beach

Despite its name, Secret Beach is relatively well-known but takes work to get to. Yet, it can still get crowded on the weekends during summer. The parking is a simple pullout. If the pullout is full, you can park your car along the road.

Also, the path leading to the beach is a challenging one. Two unmarked 3/4 mile trails will take you to the shore. The left trail is the easiest, especially in wet weather when the trail on the right becomes very slippery.

Secret Beach
Trail To The Beach
Secret Beach
Final Descend
Secret Beach
Sea Stacks
Secret Beach
Secret Beach

Both paths will lead you to the cliff with a rope you need to use to go down and up from the Secret Beach. While you don't need to be an athlete to make it to the sand, it might be challenging or straight-up inaccessible to some people.

Make sure to wear good shoes while heading here. Also, be mindful of children and pets to ensure they don't slip or fall.

Camping and Lodging

Secret Beach | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Services: None
Activities: Hiking, nature viewing, and picnicking

Distance from the parking: 0.75 miles
Road access: Any passenger vehicle
Day-use fees: Free

Secret Beach is located:

  • 12 miles north of Brookings
  • 16 miles south of Gold Beach
  • 150 miles southwest of Roseburg.

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Directions to Secret Beach

From Gold Beach,

  • Take US-101 South for approximately 16.2 miles to the trailhed on the left (west)
  • The pullout is located at milepost 345.3 at the north of the guard rail.

Park in the pullout or along the road if it is full.

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