Hobbit Beach

• Hobbit Beach is a secluded sandy beach at the scenic Heceta Head
• Hobbit Trail provides an opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous forest of the Oregon Coast

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Hobbit Beach is a mesmerizing spot bringing together a thick Pacific Northwest forest full of Sitka spruce that abruptly ends with a sandy beach, incoming waves of the mighty Pacific Ocean, and Heceta Head at its southern end.

The beach sits just 13 miles north of Florence via Highway 101 with a moderate difficulty picturesque trail leading you for about 0.5 miles from the parking area to the beach. The trailhead separates two routes, the right trail leads to Hobbit Beach, and the left trail takes you on the 1.5-mile hike toward the Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Once you step on the Hobbit Trail, you will enter the magical coastal forest of tall mossy Sitka spruce trees and thick rhododendrons. The waiving trail will take you down to the secluded and sandy Hobbit Beach.

At the end of the trail, you can either continue walking the pathway or take a short tunnel created by the water running down the hill under the thick bushes. This little tunnel gives this place a unique charm, almost as if it came out of the pages written by J.R.R. Tolkien, and a hobbit is about to walk out of the nature-made arc at any minute.

The Hobbit Beach trail is a fantastic place to enjoy a scenic walk between the vast Pacific and the dense exotic forest, do some beachcombing and rockhounding, or set up a picnic right on the sand.

When the tide is low, you can walk farther toward the edge of the Heceta Head, where you can see tide pool creatures and oceanic vegetation sitting in between rocks with sea birds walking around. With a fog covering the top of the Heceta Head, you can almost imagine it to be the Misty Mountains.

The Hobbit Beach is easy to miss. The parking lot itself is a small pullout for about 6 vehicles, and it sits about a quarter of a mile south of Highway 101 milepost 177. Keep your eyes open for a gravel pullout on your left (if you come from the north) with a "No Overnight Parking" sign. During the summer season, it is easier to identify it by the vehicles parked there. Carefully cross the highway to get to the Hobbit Trail.

Cautions: Beware of changing tides, rip currents, driftwood, sneaker waves and never turn your back to the ocean.

Hobbit Beach
Hobbit Trail
Hobbit Beach
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Hobbit Beach
Hobbit Beach
Hobbit Beach
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Hobbit Beach | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: None
Activities: Hiking, beachcombing, nature viewing, and picnicking

Distance from parking: 0.5 miles
Road access: Any vehicle
Day-use fees: None
Popularity: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 160 feet

Accommodations: None, Carl G. Washburne Park Campground - 1.4 miles north

Lodging in Florence

Hobbit Beach is located:

  • 13 miles north of Florence
  • 37 miles south of Newport
  • 73 miles west of Eugene.

Attention, Fellow Beachgoers

Unfortunately, our beautiful Pacific Northwest beaches are stained with trash, especially plastic. We at Oregon Discovery, as well as other unaffiliated groups of nature lovers, made a commitment to do our part in keeping our beaches clean, but we need your help too!

Whenever you go out to enjoy nature at your favorite spot, please bring a garbage bag or two and help us pick up garbage. Even picking up a little bit here and there will make a huge difference long term.

Please, help us save our beautiful nature for generations to come!

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Directions to Hobbit Beach

From Florence,

  • Travel 12.5 miles north on Highway 101 past the milepost 178
  • About 0.75 miles after milepost 177, pullout parking will be on your right
  • The Hobbit Trailhead is located on the western side of the highway.

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