Yaquina Bay State Park
Trail to the Beach


• Yaquina Bay State Park is a home of the historical lighthouse

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Yaquina Bay State Park is situated in Newport along the northwestern edge Yaquina Bay, a tidal estuary where the freshwater of the Yaquina River meets the saltwater of the Pacific Ocean. This picturesque destination is combination of a sandy beach and a bluff full of pine and spruce trees.

The park is an enchanting blend of coastal beauty and rich history. Offering a picturesque setting, it also serves as a gateway to the vast sandy beach and provides access to the iconic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

A spacious deck within the park serves as an ideal vantage point, allowing breathtaking views of both Yaquina Bay, the majestic Yaquina Bay Bridge, and the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Parking and a trail to the beach are located at the west end of the park. Parking is plentiful but can fill up on summer weekends. The path to the beach is short. There are restrooms and picnic tables at this location.

Two moderately challenging trails lead down from the south and north parking area to the Yaquina Beach. The vast sandy beach extends approximately one mile from Nye Beach to the North Jetty. The jetty protects the 300-foot wide boat channel into the bay.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse built in 1871 and owning its own haunting story. This is the only wooden Oregon lighthouse in existence and the only Oregon lighthouse constructed with keeper's quarters.

Caution: The jetty is extremely dangerous constructions. Do not walk far out.

Yaquina Bay State Park - Yaquina Beach

Yaquina Bay State Park: Camping, Lodging & Vacation Rentals

No camping is allowed at the beach. Newport offers numerous budget-friendly accommodation options.

Lodging in Newport

Affordable vacation rentals for short and long term stay in Newport

Yaquina Bay LighthouseYaquina Bay Lighthouse

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is the second-oldest standing lighthouse and the only wooden lighthouse in Oregon.


Yaquina Bay Lighthouse hauntedHaunted Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

A teenage girl who enters a disused lighthouse is fodder for a tale about not venturing where you shouldn’t enter. A lamb to slaughter despite the juxtaposition of the lighthouse being a literal and metaphorical beacon of safety.


Yaquina Bay State Park | Facts

Open: Year-round for day use
Managed: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: Interpretive center, picnic area, and restrooms
Activities: Hiking, tidepool exploring, wildlife watching, and lighthouse tour

Day-use fees: No
Restrictions: No collecting; no drones and kites; keep your pet on a leash.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is located:

  • 1 mile south of Newport
  • 82 miles west of Salem
  • 133 miles southwest of Portland.

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Directions to Yaquina Bay State Park

From Newport,

  • Travel 1.3 miles south on Highway 101 to Lighthouse Drive and turn right to the Yaquina Bay State Park entrance.

Phone: 541-265-5679

Address: Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site, Newport, OR

Attention Fellow Beachgoers

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