Unity Covered Bridge

• Unity Covered Bridge was constructed in 1936, replacing its 1890 predecessor
• It cost about $95,000 in today's dollars to build

Unity Covered Bridge, also known as Unity Bridge, is a historic 90-foot (27 m) bridge in Unity near Lowell. This bridge is open for traffic and carries the Lowell-Unity Road over Fall Creek.

Constructed in 1936 at a cost of $4,400 (equivalent to about $95,000 in today's currency), the Unity Bridge design features a full-length window on its east side.

A predecessor to the Unity Bridge, a 129-foot (39 m) Howe-style bridge was erected in 1890. Following the 1936 new construction, the older bridge transitioned to foot traffic only, and in 1953 the county took it down. The current bridge sits 0.75 miles upstream from the location where the original one.

In 1986, the county officials closed the bridge temporarily for repairs. The work included: replacing the floor, fixing the piers and guardrails, and repainting the exterior.

The Unity Covered Bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Visitors are encouraged to park along the road for an optimal view and the perfect photo opportunity. Caution is advised when approaching the bridge, particularly as it stands at a road junction.

Unity Covered Bridge

Unity Covered Bridge | Facts

Architectural Bridge Design: Howe truss
Bridge access:

Stream: Fall Creek
Bridge Length:
90 ft (27 m)

Built (Original): 1890
Built (Current): 1936

Renovated: 1986
Refurbished: 2014

Open: Year-round

Unity Covered Bridge is located:

  • 18 miles northeast of Springfield
  • 21 miles northeast of Eugene
  • 82 miles south of Salem.

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Directions to Unity Covered Bridge

From Lowell,

  • Take Moss Street North
  • Once the road becomes Jasper Lowell Road, follow it for 1 mile
  • The bridge will be in front of you.

Address: 40120 Big Fall Creek Rd, Lowell, OR 97452

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