China Creek Beach at Bandon

• China Creek Beach is a designated nesting area for western snowy plovers
• The beach tends to be quieter with fewer people here compared to other Bandon Beaches

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China Creek Beach is one of the beautiful Bandon beaches sitting just 4.5 miles from Old Town Bandon and the last easily accessible beach off Coast Loop Road. Since it is the last beach off the road, it tends to be quieter than other beaches with fewer people here. This is a great place to enjoy the serenity of nature, do some rock hounding, watch coastal wildlife like western snowy plovers and go for a beach hike or use one of the two trails in the area - a 3-mile trek to Coquille Point Beach or hike to the South Jetty at Bandon.

There are two ways to get to the beach. Either use the trail with a beach access sign or go straight across the creek. China Creek is running in between the parking lot and the beach and might be challenging to cross, depending on the water level. There are a few logs put across the water, but it is literally just a log, so be very careful if you decide to use it. Once you cross China Creek, you will have to walk across vegetated dunes to get closer to the ocean.

The China Creek area is a designated nesting area for western snowy plovers and thus it is protected with clear signs indicating where you can and can't go. If you want to hike south, keep in mind that during the plover nesting season, you must stay on the wet sand so you would not disturb the birds. Farther down south you will encounter a lot of private property, so please pay attention to the signs and do not trespass.

China Creek Beach has a large parking lot with plover hosts stationed here who can tell you more about western snowy plovers and make sure those birds are not disturbed. Please, follow the rules and directions of the hosts so this threatened species' habitat remains intact.

All Bandon beaches are interconnected and can be part of a more extensive beach hike along the coast. You can start the hike at any of those beaches including China Creek, South Jetty, Face Rock Beach, or Coquille Point.

China Creek Beach at Bandon
China Creek Bandon
China Creek Bandon
Creek & Ocean View

China Creek Beach | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: None
Activities: Beachcombing, tidepool exploring, fishing, & nature viewing

Day-use fees: None
Usage: Low to Moderate
Accommodations: Lodging in Bandon

China Creek Beach is located:

  • 28 miles south of Coos Bay
  • 138 miles southwest of Eugene.

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Directions to China Creek Beach

From Highway 101 in Bandon,

  • From milepost 277.5 turn west onto Beach Loop Road and follow one mile to  the destination on the left.

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  1. If this is a natural and protected area, why are vehicles allowed on the beach?

    1. Vehicles is not allowed. There are only foot trails.

  2. I have seen vehicles south of China Beach ON THE BEACH.

    I have also seen many vehicle tracks south of Tish-a-Tang beach access in Bandon.

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