Coquille River (Bandon) Lighthouse

• Coquille River Lighthouse is a historic landmark at the mouth of the Coquille River

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Coquille River Lighthouse, previously known as Bandon Lighthouse, is a historic site sitting an the north entrance of the Coquille River in Bullards Beach State Park, 5 miles away from Old Town Bandon.

The lighthouse was built in 1896 to safely guide ships into the harbor of Bandon. Keeper's duplex was built 650 feet away from the lighthouse. Constructed with stuccoed brick, the 40-foot-tall lighthouse has unique architectural features, such as a conical tower attached to  the octagonal shaped building.

The lighthouse had a fourth-order Fresnel lens and a Daboll trumpet as a foghorn. In 1910, the trumpet was replaced by a fog siren since the trumpet was impossible to hear in certain weather conditions. In 1939, the Coast Guard took stewardship of the lighthouse and eventually decided it was no longer needed. As a result, the lighthouse was shut down and replaced with an automated light on the South Jetty at Bandon South Jetty Park. The lens and the siren had been removed after the lighthouse was decommissioned.

Coquille River Light Station remained abandoned for decades. It got heavily damaged by the weather and vandals as a result. In 1976 the historical significance of the lighthouse was finally recognized. The state and the Army Corps of Engineers began its restoration. It was open to the public in 1979 after the roof, walls, and other parts of the building were repaired. In 1991, a solar-powered light was installed.

In 2007, the lighthouse underwent more significant and costly restorations. Heavy winter storms severely damaged the foundation and other parts of the structure. This restoration project cost over $600,000 and led to the repair or replacement of almost every part of the building. That included the roof, the exterior, the stucco, and the copper flashing.

In addition to visiting the lighthouse, Bullards Beach State Park can be a fantastic place to enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities. It is perfect for camping, picnicking, hiking, beachcombing, and so much more!

You can also see the lighthouse from the South Jetty Beach, which is a great Oregon Coast destination in its own right.

Coquille River (Bandon) Lighthouse
South Jetty
South Jetty Beach
South Jetty Automated Light
Coquille River (Bandon) Lighthouse
Bullards Beach at the North Jetty
Coquille River (Bandon) Lighthouse
Coquille River Lighthouse

Coquille River Lighthouse | Facts

Tower Height: 40 feet (12 m)
Focal Height: 47 feet (14 m)
Built: 1895
Operation: Deactivated in 1939

Location: Bullards Beach State Park
Open: From May through October

Accommodations: Lodging in Bandon

Coquille River Lighthouse is located:

  • 24 miles southwest of Coos Bay
  • 142 miles southwest of Eugene.

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Directions to Coquille River Lighthouse

From Highway 101 in Bandon,

  • Take Bullards Beach Road at milepost 259 and drive 2.7 miles to the destination.

Address: 56487 Bullards Beach Road, Bandon

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