Deadwood Covered Bridge Central Oregon

• The Deadwood Covered Bridge spans Deadwood Creek
• The bridge's unique feature is slanted floorboards to enhance motorist safety

The Deadwood Covered Bridge sits 6 miles northeast of the town of Deadwood. It spans Deadwood Creek and carries Deadwood Loop Road over the stream.

This is a cool little (okay, medium) bridge to stop by and hang out on your way to or from the coast. Make sure to take a picture, too, because the portal shape reminds of Moorish architecture. It's definitely a rare sight in Oregon.

This 105-foot (32 m) long Howe truss structure is open to vehicles up to 10 tons, with a maximum height of 10'7".

The bridge's unique feature is slanted floorboards to enhance motorist safety as they round the corner onto the bridge.

Additionally, a long window runs along the structure's north side for natural light to illuminate the interior. These architectural elements, combined with the bridge's false end beams, semi-elliptical portal arches with trim, and large openings, create the structure's memorable look.

Deadwood Covered Bridge Central Oregon Deadwood Creek View

The Deadwood Covered Bridge History

The Deadwood Covered Bridge was constructed in 1932 by Lane County's bridge builder, Miller Sorenson. The entire project cost $4,814 ($110,176.65 in today's dollars).

It was built as part of Oregon's secondary road system and quickly became integral to the local infrastructure.

However, in the 1970s, a concrete bridge was built nearby, bypassing the covered bridge and leading to its gradual deterioration due to lack of maintenance.

Recognizing the bridge's historical significance, county officials restored it in the 1980s.

The restoration process involved replacing damaged siding, flooring, and portal boards and repairing the bracing, roof, and approaches. Additionally, the original semi-elliptical portal arches were replaced with Tudor arch-style portals.

In October 1986, a dedication ceremony marked the bridge's reopening.

Deadwood Covered Bridge Central Oregon

Deadwood Covered Bridge Central Oregon

Deadwood Covered Bridge | Facts

Architectural Bridge Design: Howe truss
Bridge access: Vehicle
Stream: Deadwood Creek
Bridge Length: 105 ft (32 m)
Built: 1932
Restored: 1986

Open: Year-round

Elevation: 300 ft (92 m)

Deadwood Covered Bridge is located:

  • 33 miles northeast of Florence
  • 53 miles northwest of Eugene
  • 102 miles southwest of Salem.

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Directions to Deadwood Covered Bridge

From Deadwood,

  • Head east on OR-36 East toward Deadwood Creek Rd/Lower Deadwood Creek Rd for 0.4 miles
  • Turn left onto Deadwood Creek Road/Lower Deadwood Creek Road and follow it for 5.0 miles
  • Turn right onto Deadwood Loop Road and follow it for 0.3 miles.

Address: 15545 Deadwood Loop Rd, Deadwood, OR 97430

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