Sweet Creek Falls Trail

• Sweet Creek Trail offers a fantastic hike along the scenic coastal creek
• A dozen of beautiful waterfalls are found along the trail

Sweet Creak Falls
Sweet Creek Falls
Beaver Creek Falls
Beaver Creek Falls
Sweet Creak Trail
Sweet Creak Trail

Sweet Creek Trail offers a fantastic hike through a lush coastal forest following the scenic Sweet Creek that cascades down to the Siuslaw River.

Trail #1319 is made up of five segments with a total length of 5.2 miles out and back. There are no bridges over the creek. Those who intend to hike the full length of the trail should cross the creek a few times. When the water level is low, it can be done. However, crossing below Sweet Creek Falls is tricky because of slippery boulders and rocks.

During winter and spring, hiking out and back is the only possible option. Four trailheads provide access to the creek trail at different points allowing safe hikes during high water.

Sweet Creek and Beaver Falls are the highest and most impressive among other beautiful waterfalls found along the trail on the cascading coastal creek.

Sweet Creek Falls is a four-tiered waterfall plunging from 10 to 30 feet for a total of 70 feet. The waterfall consists of two segments making its appearance looks like multiple waterfalls. Three trailheads are a start point leading to this beautiful waterfall.

Beaver Creek Falls is a combination of Sweet and Beaver Creeks’ waters leaping down 25 feet cliff. While Beaver Creek cascades from the top of the cliff, Sweet Creek merges halfway down. This combination creates an unusually shaped waterfall that is the most scenic of dozen waterfalls found along the Sweet Creek Falls Trail.

The easiest way to reach the Beaver Creek Falls is 0.6-mile (one way) trail from Wagon Road Trailhead or 0.1-mile from Beaver Creek Trailhead.

Homestead Trailhead

Easy | 2.2 miles out & back | 350 feet elevation gain

A part of the trail from Homestead Sweet Creek Trailhead to Sweet Creek Falls is extremely popular and family-friendly. The 1.1-mile trail follows the creek upstream on a gravel and then dirt path going upstream with occasional stairs, wooden bridges, and boardwalks to Sweet Creek Falls.

On your way, you will enjoy the nature of the Oregon Coast Range, the scenic creek making its way through huge boulders and rocky ledges, and numerous small waterfalls.

After 0.7 miles, a trail running from Sweet Creek Falls Trailhead joins on the left. Follow 0.4 miles to the base of Sweet Creek Falls. A steep 0.1-mile trail leads to a fenced viewpoint of the upper part of the falls. The narrow gorge obscures a full view.

There are other trailheads nearby if you want a shorter hike to the waterfall.


From Florence, take Highway 126 and travel 14 miles east to Sweet Creek Road. Turn right onto Sweet Creek Road and continue 10.2 miles to the parking on the right.

GPS: N 43°57.474' W 123°54.126' | 43.9579, -123.9021

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Sweet Creek Falls Trailhead

Easy | 0.8 miles out & back | 350 feet elevation gain

The second trailhead is just 0.6 miles of driving south from Homestead Trailhead. The parking area is located on the right. Hiking from this trailhead provides shorter access to Sweet Creek Falls but you will skip other small but beautiful waterfalls along the creek.

GPS: N 43°57.020' W 123°54.020' | 43.9503, -123.9003

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Wagon Road Trailhead

1. Easy | 1.6 miles out & back | 120 feet elevation gain

This is one of the trailheads to access the trail heading to a different viewpoint of Sweet Creek Falls. Drive 0.7 miles from the second trailhead up the road and after a bridge park your car at Wagon Road Trailhead on the left. The trailhead is located on the right side of the road.

2. Easy | 1.2 miles out & back | 60 feet elevation gain

The trail to Beaver Creek Falls leads to the base of beautiful Beaver Creek Falls. This trail is located on the left side of the road just before the bridge.

GPS: N 43°56.498' W 123°54.062' | 43.94163, -123.90103

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Beaver Creek Trailhead

Easy | 0.3 miles out & back | 30 feet elevation gain

From Wagon Road Trailhead, drive 0.2 miles up on Sweet Creek Road, turn left onto the first forest road, and continue 0.5 miles to the trailhead on the left. The beautiful trail follows the Sweet Creek downstream 0.15 miles towards a slippery rocky top of Beaver Creek Falls. There is a railed viewpoints allowing you to see the Beaver Creek joining the Sweet Creek before they create the fun-shaped waterfall.

To go down to the base of the waterfall is quite risky especially during wet weather and high water. Use Wagon Road Trailhead for a safe hike to the base of Beaver Creek Falls.

GPS: N 43°56.508' W 123°53.453' | 43.9418, -123.89088

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