Goodpasture Covered Bridge Oregon

• Goodpasture Bridge is Oregon's second-longest covered bridge
• It is also one of the most photographed covered bridges in the state

Goodpasture Covered Bridge carries Goodpasture Road over the scenic McKenzie River, which gave the bridge its other name -- McKenzie River Covered Bridge.

The bridge is adjacent to the portion of the McKenzie River Highway (Oregon Highway 126) that runs through the Vida community, a short drive from Eugene.

The 165-foot (50 m) length makes Goodpasture Bridge Oregon's second-longest covered bridge. Its structure features a classical Howe truss design, while false end beams, semi-elliptical portals, and ten Gothic-style louvered windows on either side make it uniquely distinct.

Today, the bridge is open to traffic and serves over 300 local residents. It supports vehicles up to 44 tons with a maximum height of 12'8". As you may have guessed, the good ol' pure getting people from one river bank to the other is NOT about Goodpasture Bridge. Its role spans far beyond utility and deep into the cultural territory.

Numerous tourists walk the Goodpasture Covered Bridge every year, especially during the holiday season when the bridge gets covered with festive lights and decorations. Even without those Christmas lights, the bridge remains one of the most photographed covered bridges in the State. It was even featured on the first series of commemorative coins released in 2005 to help fund the maintenance of Lane County's covered bridges.

Goodpasture Covered Bridge Oregon


Lane County constructed the bridge in 1938 for a total cost of $13,154 ($291,376 in today's dollars). It was named after Benjamin Franklin Goodpasture, a local pioneer farmer who settled near Vida.

The bridge was built so well that it required practically no maintenance for nearly half a century!

The National Register of Historic Places added Goodpasture in 1979​.

The county renovated the bridge in 1987 and then again in 2012, with investments totaling over $2.75 million.

Those renovations included a new roof and beam reinforcements to ensure the bridge could accommodate heavier vehicles, such as logging trucks.

Goodpasture Covered Bridge Oregon

Goodpasture Covered Bridge | Facts

Architectural Bridge Design: Howe truss
Bridge access: Vehicle
Stream: McKenzie River
Bridge Length: 165 ft (50 m)
Built: 1938
Renovated: 1987 and 2012

Open: Year-round

Elevation: 748 ft (228 m)

Goodpasture Covered Bridge is located:

  • 28 miles northeast of Eugene
  • 90 miles southeast of Salem
  • 134 miles south of Portland.

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Directions to Goodpasture Covered Bridge

From Eugene,

  • Take OR-126 East.

Address: 45200 Goodpasture Rd, Vida, OR 97488

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